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Summary of all knowledge about Google Parallel Tracking 2022

The introduction of Google Parallel Tracking brings a faster mobile experience. Thanks to that, it ushered in a new era for the internet as well as the advertising industry. So what is Google Parallel Tracking ? What effect does it have on Google Ads? All will be answered in this article of ours.

1. What is Google Parallel Tracking?

The term  Google Parallel Tracking  is essentially a new feature for Google Adwords. Help improve mobile speed by performing analytics and tracking processing separate from page load. Simply put, when users click on the ad, they will go directly to the website, not waiting for the UTM code, or the HubSpot tracking code, to track the call for all the process. Also doesn’t track Google Ads clicks.

Google Parallel Tracking La GiThe concept of Google Parallel Tracking

Google Adwords User Guide says that Google has developed Google Parallel Tracking as a new feature to help users get to the landing page faster. No delay in going through third-party tracking links. In advertising, 3rd tracking service can be used if using Parallel tracking method and need to configure the tracking template in the ad creation section.

With the traditional way before, when the user clicks on the ad with the tracking template configuration. Google will automatically pass the link of 3rd tracking and then return the landing page. However, this not only takes time but also creates certain difficulties.

In May 2018, to increase the user experience, Google applied Parallel Tracking to help advertisers and advertisers feel more convenient and faster. When the user clicks on the ad on Google, it will point to the landing page link without going through the 3rd tracking link. At the same time, Google will send a request to 3rd tracking, configured in Ad to use the tracking template. This action will be run in the background using the sendBeacon method on the browser.

The best thing is that this action does not affect the user nor their experience. From October 31, Google will make Parallel tracking its preferred method. For browsers that do not support it, Google will apply the former Sequential Tracking type of search.

2. How does Google Parallel Tracking affect Google Ads?

It can be affirmed that the birth of Google Parallel Tracking greatly influenced Google Ads. In other words, it changes the usual way of advertising. In Google Adwords advertising, ACCESSTRADE offers publishers a simpler solution. It helps ensure  Publisher tracking  when  Google Parallel Tracking  is active. Google Parallel Tracking helps get users where they want to go faster, and for no reason it pleases users. For suppliers, Google Parallel Tracking helps bring customers to them faster, their products are known soon.

Google Parallel Tracking La Gi 1How does Google Parallel Tracking affect Google Ads?

However, it should be said that ACCESSTRADE’s solution can only be applied to the tracking campaign by Socket Tracking. In other words, only campaigns that collect data from the “sendBeacon” method can use ACCESSTRADE’s solution.

When Publisher is running direct ads, customers will click to go to the supplier’s page. The link does not lead to the website/blog but directs to the product link on the product supplier’s website. You should double check the information. And if necessary, google will provide information for the campaign to be tracked based on the Cookie less Tracking method.

3. How Google Parallel Tracking Works

Can confirm. Google Parallel Tracking  is currently a form developed by google to support new customers when there is a need to use 3rd tracking service in advertising. Therefore, there are thousands of units, Publishers and advertisers in demand. Here, the customer is immediately directed to the landing page.

Google Parallel Tracking La Gi 1 1How Google Parallel Tracking Works

3.1 Meaning of Google Parallel Tracking – how to deliver directly to the landing page.

  • Customers click on your ad
  • Customers will see your landing page

3.2 To turn on Google Parallel Tracking mode on google, do the following 6 steps:

  • Step 1: Create and log in to your Google Ads account
  • Step 2: Select Settings in the navigation menu,
  • Step 3: Select Settings in the options menu displayed on the left side of the screen
  • Step 4: You choose Tracking
  • Step 5: Press the follow button
  • Step 6: Select Parallel tracking

The Google Parallel Tracking feature will help separate the user experience by directing the advertising link to the final link, also known as the destination link. It also means that the parameters (parameters) in the URL are always passed directly to the advertiser’s website using the “sendBeacon” method.

4. Conclusion

Above is everything about Google Parallel Tracking that we want to share. Good luck!

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