Summary of the most effective types of advertisements on Google are used

Currently, the Google search network is having a huge boom around the world. Realizing that potential, sellers have taken advantage of it as a place of business, marketing products to the public through advertisements on Google that appear rampant. So let’s explore with this article the most popular types and forms of advertising on Google that are currently being used.

The most popular types of advertising on Google

Search Ads (Google Search)

Search advertising is a form of advertising provided by Google on the search engine. When a user types a search query, you will then be returned to search results in the form of an ad showing true or approximate terms related to your ad’s keywords.

For example , you need to search for “ hire to run google ads ”. Looking at the image below, you will see that the first search results with the word [QC] are all in the form of search ads displayed with keywords, key phrases, and text.


Search ads are often focused on getting people to take action, such as clicking on your ad or calling your business. These campaigns show ads to people who are actively searching for information. Also when someone searches for a related keyword like you they are more likely to find your business ad on google useful and will click.

New Google Adwords Ads Update: Google has updated its “phrase match keywords” and “broad modification match keywords” whereby queries with synonyms will also show with your ads. For example:

  • With the phrase match keyword,  the keyword you request to advertise is ” lawn mowing service “, Google will also show your ad with the query “grass cutting service near me”.
  • With  the broad modification match keyword , the keywords you request to advertise include the words  “lawn”, “mowing”, “service ”, Google will also show your ad with the query “service to mow my land” “.

Google display network advertising

Google Display Network Ads can help you reach people while they’re:

  • Browse your favorite websites
  • Watch videos on YouTube
  • Check Gmail account
  • Or when they are using mobile devices and mobile apps.



Google Display Network Ads are designed to help you find the right audience. This network’s targeting options allow you to strategically show your message to potential customers in the right place and at the right time.

Shopping Ads (Google Shopping Ads)

This type of shopping advertising has grown quite wildly in recent times, and people often tell each other about its effectiveness. For e-commerce or retail products, this is a great market to find your own customers.

Google-Google-Shopping Type

Full display ads with your product’s image, name, price, and brand. This ad helps you find customers directly who are in the bidding phase or searching for the right product. Searchers can compare prices, features between products conveniently. Shopping ads help increase conversion rates significantly compared to regular search ads, especially suitable for those who want to develop a sales website.

Youtube Video Ads (Youtube Video Ads)

This is a big campaign that helps you reach a wide range of customers through your videos. By displaying them on many websites such as youtube, google and other display networks. Users will receive complete information of the four senses.


With an extremely large number of visitors every day up to billions, Youtube is a very effective channel to reach potential customers. Video advertising also creates more stimulation for viewers than text ads. Thereby helping your ads more convincing, better convey the message to customers.

App Advertising (Apps)

If you develop mobile apps this is a great place to advertise. Especially applications that use multiple languages ​​and apply globally are really ideal.


Just add a few lines of text, a bid, some content, and the rest is optimized to help users find you. Unlike most Google Ads campaigns, you don’t design individual ads for Universal App campaigns.

Which type of Google ads should I choose?

To choose the right form of advertising on Google, you need to consider factors such as advertising purposes, items, business strategies, and promoting your products or services. different types of advertising. So make the right choice to be able to attract the best number of customers as well as develop your brand on Google to reach more and more customers.


Advertising on Google – prestigious advertising service from Lokas

Running ads on Google is one of our most chosen services by our customers. You will be supported to choose the form of advertising that suits your business goals. When using the service at Lokas, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Effective consulting: Evaluate, analyze keywords, advise on accurate and effective keyword strategies.
  • Optimizing ads: Optimizing content and landing pages increases quality score, increasing conversions.
  • Cost optimization: Identifying the right potential audience, helping businesses save costs.
  • Effective management: Continuously monitor and calibrate ads to evaluate effectiveness. Detailed daily reports.

Contact Lokas immediately to receive advice and together to realize your business Google advertising goals.

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