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Take a look at 5 signs that your VoIP system is being hacked

How to know if your voip system is being attacked by hackers, the 5 signs we share below will help you accurately identify when your virtual PBX system is hacked.

Search results navigate to another page

The most common sign that VoIP is being hacked is a search result being redirected to another page. When you do a search on the Internet and it immediately switches to another page, this means that your VoIP system is being ‘visited’ by hackers.

Hieu He Thong Voip Hack

In addition, another sign you need to pay attention to are extensions. Of course you can actively install these extensions on your machine. However, in the case of automatic installation, this means that the VoIP PBX has been hacked.

Unusual call history

A second sign that you should also pay attention to is erratic call history. The erratic frequency of VoIP calls is also a matter of concern. At the same time, other factors related to the call such as an unknown phone number, no caller’s name are also very interesting.

You can easily track this irregularity in your monthly phone bill. If the recorded numbers come from other regions, it is a sign that your VoIP system is under attack.

Messages about fake anti-virus appear

Occasionally when using the Internet, you will receive messages about anti-virus, advising users to scan their computers for viruses or try installing appropriate anti-virus software. Hit the psychology of always wanting your computer to be safe, you will definitely follow those instructions, right? Think wisely because it’s just a trap set. If you learn carefully, the form of sending warning messages about anti-virus protection is a very common way to attack personal computer systems.

If this is the case, the first thing you need to do is contact your VoIP service provider to report the situation you are experiencing. Then temporarily disable active programs. And remember, never click on fake anti-virus messages.

Phone bill increased abnormally

One sign that is not obvious but should be noted is the change of the phone bill. This requires knowing what your monthly phone bill is. Similar to call history, if you feel your bill has been increasing steadily in recent months, it is a sign that your VoIP system is being hacked.

Because when your system is hacked into the online calling program, it means your telecommunications network has to work more. This leads to a gradual increase in telecommunications charges. The best way is to notify the supplier to be able to know more details, so that you can find a way to fix it.

Microphone and webcam automatically activated

Usually, the microphone or webcam devices on your computer if not turned on, they will never turn on automatically. But if those devices automatically turn on and work, it means your system is compromised.

If you look closely, you will see that the microphone & webcam are two devices, and at the same time are the two gateways most vulnerable to hackers. Hackers also start from microphones & webcams to access the data stores stored on your system.

And when you observe that the microphone & webcam have such signs, immediately contact this VoIP service provider to find out how to fix it. In case of force majeure, the best way is to disconnect the microphone and webcam devices on your computer as soon as possible.

Above are 5 common signs that your VoIP system is being hacked. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you to promptly handle and improve voip system performance. Good luck!

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