Telling you the secret to optimizing the cost of run Facebook ads extremely cheap in 2022

Want to run Facebook ads that are highly effective but cost-effective? So, what information should be kept in mind when running Facebook ads to maximize costs? Read this article now to learn more about running Facebook ads!

Use standard sized Facebook ad images

The image of the ad plays a very important role, it directly affects the effectiveness of the advertising campaign you are running. The images you upload to Facebook should use the correct size required from Meta. You can find out the dimensions that Meta recommends, and when you use these, your images will display at their best ratio.


Run extremely cheap facebook ads if you target the right customer files:

It must be said that this is a very headache for anyone who runs Facebook ads whether new or long. You must target customers accurately when running ads. Depending on the field of advertising, you can target different behaviors and customers. When you target customers properly, the content of the article will come into play..


Do not turn on and off the Facebook ad campaign continuously

If you run Facebook ads without much experience, you will be psychologically weak. You will turn on and off the Facebook ad campaign continuously without any knowledge about this. When you start a Facebook ad campaign, it takes at least 24 hours for Facebook to learn your audience. Within the first 24 hours, Facebook will have to collect information related to the audience you want to target. So in the first 24 hours, the returned ad results will not be completely accurate. You should not rush to turn off ads before running for 1 day. You must let your ads run for at least 24 hours before you can evaluate their effectiveness.

Run different types of ads on Facebook

Facebook provides you with many different forms of advertising to keep customers from getting bored. Can name some of the popular forms of advertising such as advertising on Instagram and advertising on facebook messenger. These are two pretty good and popular forms of advertising. You can use it to let customers see something new from you, not just simple advertisements.

Avoid duplicate audiences to run cheap Facebook ads

Your Facebook ads will be greatly reduced in cost if you do not have duplicate audiences.

Example: You have 2 customer files who like cosmetics and people who like fashion.

How to distinguish the similarities and differences between these 2 object files? You must use the official Facebook Overlap Audience duplicate audience filter.

So what is Overlap Audience? Facebook Audience Overlap, aka overlapping audiences, allows marketers to select two audience groups (up to 5 groups) and filter out how many people have in common (characteristics, behaviors, interests) between the two groups.


Pay attention to the content of Facebook ads

The first thing that affects your ad campaign is the content of your ad. Content has now taken precedence as Facebook increasingly focuses on Facebook users. However, to write advertising content, you must also have a certain vocabulary. So how to write attractive Facebook ad content while you are not good at writing?

Have you read the book Imitate for Success? And let’s imitate others, take competitors’ content and turn it into our own. Be selective. You also have to read the article to see if the article is good and attracts a lot of interaction, then imitate it.

Above are the sharing on how to optimize the latest facebook ads in 2022. Wish you success with the most optimal advertising campaigns.

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