The concept of FacebookAds and issues to note when running ads

FacebookAds  is an extremely effective advertising tool, but to use it smoothly you must understand and understand Facebook’s regulations. So what should be noted to be able to advertise Facebook smoothly? Please refer to the information in the article below with Lokas!

What are Facebookads?

Facebook Advertising ( FacebookAds ) is the name of the Facebook advertising service, allowing to display advertising information of organizations/individuals on the social network Facebook. Ads on the Facebook network are automatically delivered based on a variety of criteria such as gender, age, geographic area, and user behavior characteristics that match your business’s target customers.


Issues to note when running facebookads:

Run facebookads without using images with too many words:

Facebook stipulates that advertising images/videos cannot contain more than 20% text. For products with too much text, Facebook will consider it as spam to the user, so it will not or limit the display leading to your campaign not being effective. How to check the amount of text on Facebookads ad images here:

In fact, Facebook does not count characters on the image, but only based on the area of ​​​​the text, the larger the font size, the more dangerous it is. Instead of leaving text scattered all over the image, focus it in clusters so that you can add more text.

Find out about restricted and prohibited products before running facebookads ads:

Prohibited and restricted products in facebookads:

  • Unauthorized, prescription, stimulant, tobacco or tobacco-related drugs;
  • Dietary supplements, or nutritional supplements that Facebookads deems unsafe in its sole discretion;
  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives;
  • Adult products or services (except for advertising for family planning and contraception).


Restricted content:

Alcohol; Dating; Real money online gambling/skill games; Functional foods, nutritional supplements; Content with famous brand names (Nike, Adidas, Zara, …)

Prohibited content from running ads:

  • Content that infringes copyright.
  • Counterfeit products of famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, etc. will not be approved. If you find a way around, then after a while when

If Facebook detects it, your fanpage and facebookads advertising account will be locked.

  • When inserting music to make advertising videos more attractive, if you take the most famous songs from abroad, it will be easy to get copyrighted and the ads will not be approved or will be muted, you should choose music free.
  • Sensitive content such as: nudity, lewd priests, excessively suggestive.
  • Shocking, sensational, violent content.
  • Content that asserts or implies personal qualities. This includes direct or indirect assertions or implication of race, national origin, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation or sexual activity, gender identity, status disability, illness (including physical or mental health), financial status, union membership, criminal record, or name.
  • These “before and after” images or images give unexpected or unlikely results.
  • When you want to mention Facebook in an ad, it should be noted: Facebook requires that when mentioning its brand name, it must clearly write “Facebook” with a capital “F”, not to use acronyms such as FB, Fb, Fbook. .. Display the word “Facebook” with the same font size and style as the surrounding content.

Tips: for sensitive products such as underwear, only product photos should be taken without the model to avoid Facebook restricting your ads.


Pay attention to the language, content that violates the policy in advertising content:

Words related to the medical, hospital, emotional, health and spiritual areas:

  • Words related to diseases or body parts such as liver, heart, bones, joints, sinusitis, etc.
  • Words related to words that refer to sick people or animals such as: patient, pediatric patient, clinic, etc.
  • Words with negative connotations: death, pain, despair, suicide, death, etc.

Words in the field of finance and money:

  • Loan credit ads are prohibited from running on Facebookads.
  • Facebook also points out some prohibited words in the field of currency and finance that accounts running Facebookads should be aware of, such as: loan, loan, currency, finance, unsecured loan, credit loan, interest rate , taxes, loans, disbursements, etc.

Words that should not be used in Facebook ads related to chemical composition:

Words that violate Facebook’s advertising policy that you should not include in the article are listing chemical ingredients or compounds: vitamins, hyaluronic acid, omega, fiber, medicinal ingredients, etc.

Racist and sexist words:

  • Words that are specific to gender, race, or country are also restricted by Facebook Ads:
  • Words that prohibit gender: that man, that woman, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, woman, man, etc.
  • Racist words: black, white, ethnic, etc.

Content that runs Facebook ads has a strong commitment:

In order to create credibility and trust for their products, many brands have offered content with a certain commitment such as: commitment to clear acne, 100% cure, etc. Some articles run ads. Facebook reports related to this content are usually not approved, because Facebook believes nothing is absolute, this information has not been verified, so it cannot be guaranteed to be accurate.

Don’t let duplicate objects waste your budget

Do not let the same target, duplicate audience for 1 content because that means you are burning money by competing with your own campaign. On the contrary, the same targets can be used to run different content, because then you are as independent advertisers, prioritize this way when testing the campaign.

Hopefully, the above notes when running facebookads ads will help you build effective business strategies and soon earn profits.

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