The concept of SMS OTP and issues to be aware of when using this type of message

SMS OTP is a kind of SMS Brandname customer care. However, its main function is to send a confirmation code for the end user to access and the web or app has security requirements.

SMS OTP is a string of numbers or a combination of numbers and characters, but unlike a normal password, the OTP authentication code is randomly generated not from the user, can only be used once and then no longer exists. function.

The duration of the OTP password is usually very short, maybe after only 30 seconds, 60 seconds or a few minutes, it will be useless and be replaced with a new code.

SMS OTP is recommended by many organizations to increase the security of their customer accounts. The introduction of security devices according to OTP technology creates favorable conditions for users in electronic transactions.


How to get SMS OTP:

Usually there are 3 ways to get the OTP code: via SMS, via voice and smart OTP

  • Receiving via SMS is the most common type, as long as customers make a transaction or register an account, the system will automatically send SMS to your phone.
  • Retrieving OTP codes via voice has also recently been applied by many systems to improve information security for customers. The system will make a call to the registered customer’s phone number and read the OTP code over the phone.
  • Using Smart OTP, this is the way that banks often use, often customers need to register for the service and activate it to be able to use this service.


What should I pay attention to when using SMS OTP?

The code in SMS OTP is generated from random strings of characters or numbers. You usually receive this authentication code when making online payment transactions or verifying logins, etc. OTP code will act as a second layer of protection for your account after you have successfully logged in with a password. password that you always remember. Therefore, you must always “remember” OTP is also a password and absolutely do not give your OTP code to anyone for any reason.

OTP code will usually be the last layer of security before making a transaction or verifying a certain owner account, so you need to pay close attention to a few points below to be able to secure the OTP code. in the safest way.

  • Do not share OTP password with others during transaction execution or account verification
  • Change your password periodically to ensure maximum protection for your account
  • If you encounter problems such as losing your device or phone, you should immediately notify the service provider to temporarily lock the SMS OTP feature to ensure absolute safety.
  • Set a password for the phone to register the OTP code to avoid the OTP code being exposed.
  • Do not give the phone to others to use to avoid revealing the OTP code
  • Do not use strange devices to log in to an account using an OTP code, if you use it, please log out before leaving.


Is SMS OTP safe?

Once we understand what an OTP code is, you will surely wonder if the OTP code is absolutely safe or not?

The OTP code is considered the second password as well as a safe security layer for your account. However, you need to strictly follow the principles of its use as well as its process according to the instructions of the bank or supplier.

Usually, no application or device is absolutely secure, there can still be a small risk. Therefore, you need to protect your account by not logging in to public devices to perform transactions or verify, as well as strictly follow the principle of using OTP codes to ensure that your account is safe. I am as safe as possible.

Above is the information about SMS OTP, hope the article will bring you useful information!

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