The most effective forms of advertising on the website for businesses

Website is an effective environment that any marketer should invest in to market their products. Because advertising on the website it can provide you with great opportunities to reach and attract the attention and interest of customers to products and businesses. If you are in need of website advertising, please follow the article below from Lokas!

Benefits businesses receive when advertising on the website

In online business, a website is like a store in real life, a bridge between businesses and customers on an online platform. Therefore, website promotion is essential for business development, helping businesses achieve purposes such as:


Increase brand awareness

Website advertising is a way to introduce your website to more people. Thereby, the brand awareness of the business is enhanced. In the online environment, the website is the face of your business, if successful promotion will help users remember and be more impressed with your brand. And this is also a great opportunity for businesses to affirm their brands because of the booming digital age, consumers are gradually turning to online shopping trends.


Increase website traffic

The process of advertising on the website helps to reach many customers, thereby increasing the number of people who know the website. At this time, the traffic to the website will have a chance to improve.

Increase sales opportunities

The ultimate purpose of advertising on the website is to increase sales. When the above two goals are completed, you will easily sell goods, improving sales for your business.


To achieve the above purposes, you need to choose for yourself an appropriate way of advertising on the website, in order to bring the highest efficiency. Next, Lokas will suggest you some forms of advertising on the website, including how to put the website online for free and for a fee.

Effective forms of advertising on the website

Place advertising banners

To be able to design a banner ad, you need to have a certain investment of both time and effort. After you have a plan, you must find the optimal location suitable for the advertising audience, target market and reasonable cost to place your banner. You can place banner ads on any website or the website of an advertising space provider depending on your choice. Different from other traditional forms of advertising, banner building brings immediate effect.


There are 3 common types of banner ads:

  • Traditional banner ads (traditional banner ads): are the most common form of banner advertising, rectangular in shape, containing short text and including GIF and JPEG animation, capable of linking to a page or another website. Traditional banner advertising is the most popular form of advertising and is chosen by many people because of its fast loading time, ease of design and change, and the easiest to insert into the website.
  • In-line ads: This form of advertising is formatted in a column on the bottom left or right side of a web page. Like traditional banner ads, in-line ads can be displayed as a graphic and contain a link, or they can be just text with prominent hyperlinks in colored fonts. or border.
  • Pop-up ads (Pop up ads): This version of ads will pop up on a separate screen, when you prompt the mouse to click on any link or button on the website. After clicking polish, you will see a small window opened with advertised content. However, some customers are not satisfied with this form of advertising, because they have to prompt the mouse to move or close the window when they want to return to the old page.


Place advertising website in electronic magazines

There are hundreds of thousands of electronic newsletters, forum groups and lists of recipients that regularly operate in the web environment. It is also a good opportunity for you to find a place for your ad. However, the question arises here: What is a good position and how to find it?
First, you need to consider and determine whether the audience of those e-magazines is suitable for your target market? Is it regularly released? And is its content useful and valuable to attract readers?
Second, of course you shouldn’t ignore the “cost” issue of placing your ads either. That cost may vary, not only depending on the content and popularity of the magazine, but also on other conditions such as: where your ad appears on the screen: above, in middle or bottom; E-magazines with small subscriptions will, of course, accept your ad for a low, insignificant cost.


Sponsor a website or an e-newsletter

Participating as a sponsor, you can also change the ad, make it appear prominent with some clever accent to increase attraction for website visitors or readers of the website. electronic newsletters.

Of course, when you want to become a sponsor, you should also consider and clearly define the relationship between the target market that your ad wants to reach with the customer market of websites and electronic magazines. . Besides, you also have to regularly monitor, test and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising as a sponsor.


If you want to advertise on the website to bring long-term and sustainable effects, it takes time. You can apply a temporary way of advertising in the style of “instant noodles”, but then you need to focus on sustainable value to optimize costs. Therefore, choosing how to promote and how to combine is a problem that businesses need to solve based on business strategy and goals of each unit.

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