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The most effective method of installing a virtual switchboard system for beauty salons

Building a virtual switchboard system for beauty salons for direct customer care is essential. Improve communication efficiency, close sales at the right time.

As society develops, the demand for health and beauty is increasing, dentists and beauty salons spring up in series and compete fiercely. Many units want to invest in a virtual switchboard to take care of customers and build a brand, but don’t know if they should? The following article will help you get the answer. Follow us!

1. What is a beauty salon sale?

Beauty salon sales or salon sales staff are people who connect transaction activities between buyers and sellers through consulting, advertising, marketing, and caring activities with the desire to bring their products. seller to buyer.

Phuong Phap Lap Dat Tong Dai Ao Cho Tham My VienThe concept of Salon Sale

What does the daily job of the salon sales (business staff) do?

Here is the working list of a salon sales (salesman) that we can list:

  • Call to advise new customers according to the script and available content about the beauty services of the company’s beauty salon facilities
  • Review old data, call to take care of customers who are in need of scheduled care, customers who make an appointment to contact again, customers in the old data.
  • Update call information on the company’s customer management software
  • Make sure to call a sufficient number of assigned calls and follow the Regulations on Calling Numbers and Regulations on Data Handling, so as not to waste or lose data.
  • Searching for new customer data: After completing all the processing of assigned data, actively search for new customer data through channels (acquaintances, Internet, …)
  • Learn to improve professional skills, knowledge, sales/consulting skills, industry/product knowledge, competitor knowledge.

2. Why should a beauty salon install a virtual switchboard?

Beauty salons and spas are places to help customers relax, beautify, improve health, change their appearance to be more beautiful and attractive. Therefore, customers consider for a long time before choosing a beauty salon for themselves. To build a brand, create trust or maintain long-term relationships with customers is not an easy task.

Phuong Phap Lap Dat Tong Dai Ao Cho Tham My Vien 1Why should you install a virtual switchboard for beauty salons?

Each customer when coming to a beauty salon or spa has their own problems and needs. It is not enough for customers to see the information through the website, but they need to be consulted specifically about the service or treatment that is suitable for the individual.

When chatting directly with customers via the virtual switchboard, the consultants can listen to the specific needs and desires as well as know the customer’s attitude. To flexibly change the direction of consulting services, help the care process to be effective, and increase revenue.

Those are the benefits of a virtual switchboard for beauty salons  to businesses.

3. The process of deploying and installing virtual PBX

Step 1: Complete the contract and choose a telecommunications number

Step 2: Activate the PBX system, install equipment

Step 3: Build a PPP voice call script suitable for the business field.

Step 4: Check and hand over the system

Step 5: Operational Support

4. Conclusion

Above is all the information about the method of installing a virtual switchboard for the beauty salon that we want to share. Good luck!

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