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The most effective way to improve AHT in Call Center that you should know

If you are using a virtual PBX system – Call Center, you will have a lot of metrics to measure. However, when it comes to prioritizing what is measured and what Call  Center agents to target , one of the most important metrics is  average processing time .

So what is AHT in Call Center ? How important is it? How to improve this indicator?

1. What is AHT?

The average processing time has the English name of Average Handle Time or AHT for short. This is the amount of time taken to assist a customer, calculated from the time the interaction is initiated until the Agents completes the customer support.

How To Learn Thien Aht In Call Center Hieu Qua Nhat The concept of AHT

In other words, AHT includes the entire customer interaction. It starts when a customer call arrives at an agent, holds time, and the post-call work is completed after the call.

2. How to improve AHT in Call Center?

There are many tools and techniques that you can use to lower your AHT. In addition, you can apply the following 5 ways to reduce average processing time and improve your customer experience.

How Can Cai Thien Aht In Call Center Hieu Qua Nhat 1 How to improve AHT in Call Center

2.1 There is a methodical Agent training program

One of the first important tactics is that you need to train Agents methodically right from the moment they start taking on the job.

Specialized Agents training allows you to tailor your customer service function around incoming inquiries or selected customer segments.

Record all of your products and segments, then record the number of employees who specialize in these areas. Next, conduct a gap analysis to determine which areas require more resources.

When you train employees this way, you can apply skill-based call routing to your queues. Then the customer chooses their topic and is directed to the best Agents to solve their problem.

2.2 Assign Agents with high AHT to pair with Agents with low AHT

Working in real time alongside an Agent means low AHT staff can record and provide tips to avoid unnecessary delays.

These can be standard Call Center practices or personal habits they can share with your broader team. Presumably, there are macros (script rules) and keyboard shortcuts available to speed up post-call tasks (ACW: After-Call work)

If you don’t qualify to enable real-time catch-up, you can use call recording to apply the same process after the call.

How To Cai Thien Aht In Call Center Hieu Qua Nhat 2 Assign Agents with high AHT to pair with Agents with low AHT

2.3 Call recording and live monitor agents

An important element of any Call Center is the recording of calls between customers and Agents. Allows Monitor Agents with shorter processing time to listen to calls from people with high AHT. Doing so can uncover triggers and behaviors that lead to unnecessarily long calls.

Call recording is a great feature to determine if agents are following Call Center best practices and to find the cause of high call times.

When you hear a call, record how Agents can improve the customer experience. Is your team forgetting to confirm high wait times? Determine if there are gaps in product knowledge or must find the right place to enter information.

Take it a step further and track your Agents in real time. While it may sound daunting, live uninterrupted monitoring for both clients and Agents.

When supervisors have access to ongoing calls, they know what’s happening in the heat of the moment. If employees need help, they can use advanced features like Whisper to train employees or Barge-In to take calls. The intervention here helps Agents experience handling for future calls.

2.4 Leverage workflow automation

Part of your extended engagement time could be time spent moving customers to the right department. This lead time can add unnecessary minutes to your average processing time.

While it’s easy to blame customers for not choosing the right option, tools like interactive voice response (IVR) help customers choose the right option and remove unnecessary call transfers.

Your AHT may also include “short call exceptions”. These are frequently asked questions with short answers that customers call to get a quick response. Consider adding things like business hours, how to pay bills, etc. to your IVR.

2.5 Clear and scientific presentation management tools

While customer experience is crucial in any call center, employee experience is also something that needs to be scrutinized.

When the system is too difficult to use, metrics, features do not respond well enough for employees, it is easy to pass on their negativity to customers – and average retention time can increase. in just a few minutes. Pay attention to your call queues so that the overall service level stays under control.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about AHT in Call Center that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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