The price of running facebook ads in 2022, the knowledge that needs to be memorized

Lokas updated the latest Facebook Ads Price List 2022. The price of running facebook ads . At Lokas with experience from leading experts in Facebook advertising and with a reputation from more than 7 years in the profession. Great Facebook Ads advertising, with the best tips. We will help you implement the best and most effective Facebook advertising campaigns!


Classification of advertising forms on Facebook ads

Shopping cart ads

According to a recent statistic, the number of customers who put products in their shopping cart accounted for 68.63% but hesitated in making a purchase decision. Using this type of advertising will be personally oriented to help solve this situation well. Cart abandonment ads often have content to encourage customers to buy products with promotions to attract customers such as freeship, discount vouchers, etc. This is to stimulate customer buying action. out faster.

Facebook Ads Leads

When applying Facebook Leads ads, customers who click on the “Call – To – Action” section will automatically appear a form. There customers can fill in the information without having to switch to another intermediary web system. From there, businesses can easily update potential customer information.

High-Lead-Ads High-Lead-Ads

Facebook Ads Reach

The price of running facebook ads for this form is calculated according to the number of customers who see the ad post on Facebook. In the case of a Facebook user account that sees an ad 100 times a day, Facebook only counts as one reach. Suitable for those who want to increase brand awareness on Social.

Ads increase Like Fanpage

This type of advertising is often used for the purpose of increasing the number of people who like the Fanpage page. The number of likes on your Facebook Fanpage will also be calculated according to the cost. Depending on the specificity, each type of industry and field, the cost per like will be calculated differently.


Click To Messenger Ads

Ads are displayed on News Feed & Messenger facebook users. Clicking on it will open the Inbox Messenger window. This service will help Fanpage receive many inboxes. Facebook advertising price list will be calculated on the number of interactions.

Click-To-Messenger Click-To-Messenger

Post Interactive Facebook Ads

Facebook Post Interactive Ads only charge when a user interacts with your post running the ad. The interactions of the facebook account will be: click, like, share or comment on the post.

Facebook Livestream Ads

This is a form of advertising with the purpose of helping live livestream videos get more views. Requires a branded and green fan page. Advertising costs will be calculated on the number of video views after 3 seconds.

Ads click to web

To implement this form of facebook click to web advertising, businesses need a Website with articles about their products and services and a fanpage of the company. Ads will show on Facebook with either content and a single ad image or content and 6 small ad images. Customers who click on the ad will go directly to the company’s website to purchase products and services.

Click-To-Web Click-To-Web

How to charge Facebook ads

You will only pay when your ad is engaged by facebook users by clicking, liking, sharing or interacting with your website. The higher the cost rate, the more likely your ad will appear on Facebook.

Facebook Ads charges in the form of:

  • CPC (cost per click)
  • CPM (cost per impression)

With CPC, you only pay for people who click on your ad. With CPM, you also only pay a minimum of $0.03/1000 ad impressions (equivalent to 600 VND).

Price list for running Facebook ads 

Account management form

Package Budget Service charge Report
Budget 1 Over 100 million VND 20% Weekly
Budget 2 From 60 million to 99 million VND 18% Weekly
Budget 3 From 30 million to 59 million VND 17% Weekly
Budget 4 From 3 million to 29 million VND 15% Weekly
Budget 5 Under 3 million 15% Weekly

Price list for running Facebook ads in the form of account management

Ads to increase Fanpage likes

Filter Objects 1,000 – 4,999 Likes 5,000 – 9,000 Likes 10,000 Likes or more
Not selective 900 VND / 1 like 850VND/1like Contact Lokas
Filter from 18 years old and up 1200d/1like 1,100d/1like
Filter from 25 years old and up 1900d/1like 1,800d/1like
Filtering provinces and cities in the HN – HCM area +10% Price +10% Price
Filter provinces and cities that are not part of Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City +30% Price +30% Price
Filter Male Female +10% Price +10% Price 

Price list for running Facebook ads in the form of ads to increase fanpage likes

Note: The above is just a price list for running facebook ads for reference only because each product and field has different advertising prices. To choose the type suitable for the purpose and funding source of the business. You can immediately contact the technology company Lokas.

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