The reason why the real estate SMS sending service is considered Spam

Currently, SMS sending service is applied by many businesses as an indispensable marketing tool to reach customers. More than anyone else, real estate customers are one of the customer groups with the largest number of messages sent out in the industry. And using the SMS sending service to advertise the project improperly, messages inviting projects have long been listed as spam messages. So how to use SMS sending service effectively for the real estate sector? Please refer to the article below of Lokas!

How does real estate SMS sending service work?

Text SMS sending service have crept into various industries as an effective way to reach potential customers. And the real estate marketing field is even more familiar. SMS sending service brings real estate benefits such as:

  • Help promote the broker’s brand.
  • Reminder, appointment confirmation.
  • Send project summary information, along with contact information will be saved in the customer’s message.
  • Update important, time-sensitive information….vv

Real estate SMS sending service is fast, reliable and affordable. Using SMS sending service helps maintain relationships with suppliers, buyers, brokers, landlords, tenants…


Reasons for real estate SMS to be listed as spam:

 Customers are being terrorized by SMS sending services from many brands.

This makes customers automatically “set up a defense fence” when an SMS arrives with words starting like opportunity to own, sell an apartment….and of course their behavior will be to delete that message. without reading it.

Soulless messages with no emotions have no value.

The common feature of messages when using SMS sending service is that they don’t care who their customers are, what they need or care about. SMS content is just stuffing information about promotional projects pla pla pla ….1 in a very “unpretentious” way.

Since then the response rate of these SMS is usually quite low and the complaint rate is quite high. The line between a successful SMS campaign and a failure is very thin. This depends a lot on factors such as whether the Database being used to use the SMS sending service is suitable for the product being offered or not?


How to fix the error?

If you want to use SMS sending service effectively, you should note the following issues:

With quality data, use the new SMS sending service effectively:

In the field of real estate, I think the potential Database mainly focuses on customers who save bank accounts and customers who are office workers. The preparation stage is to analyze the customer’s Insight in the Database. In particular, the analysis focuses on the problems they are facing.

For example, savings customers are worried about the declining bank interest. We need to hit this element or to be precise, “hit the black heart”.


The content of the message should be clear:

SMS sending service is just a support to bring the message of the business to customers. 70% of content is decisive to stimulate customer inquiry. So you need to prepare the content properly.

An SMS message usually has 3 main parts:

The beginning of SMS: Usually this part you skip is very harmful

This part is extremely important in whether customers open to view the SMS or ignore it. Therefore, you should not put words that create the feeling of selling.

What do you guys think about the opening part like this: “Em My day a, my SDT is mine 0902340089” 

This is an opening form that makes customers think that an acquaintance is sending a message. Often customers will open to see who Ha is? With such an opening form you achieve your goal. It forces the recipient to open it. And here is the opportunity to get the message across.

Project introduction:  The special point of the message is that you have to highlight the core value of the product. And the core value here is the benefit of the product, what is suitable for the recipient.

I will illustrate with a sample of a message to transfer objects to a bank savings account.

“I have 2 students with high income, 3 and 4 years old. We can deliver high quality products right in the heart of the city for rent right away”

Calling part: This section is often because it has been crammed with information in the previous sections, so it will run out of characters to call customers to call you. But in my opinion, this is the final part to have a successful SMS and get a response.

“Call Ha right away when you receive this SMS”

Above are the sharing on how to use SMS sending service in the real estate field that Lokas customers share. Hope it helps a bit with ideas for your SMS campaigns.

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