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The secret to effective customer data collection

With the current development of social networks, collecting customer data is not too difficult for business people. However, the data you obtain may not be of good quality. So how to find the best source of quality customer data? Read it now below!

1. Collect data of customers who have used your company’s products

Your existing customers are a source of data as precious as gold. But many companies often forget to take care of their own customers, or some products are distributed through intermediaries such as lipstick, confectionery, milk …

If you are a sales manager, ask your employees to always save SDT and information of all customers and people who are interested in your company’s products and services but do not buy.

Don’t miss a single source, find them again in sources like:

  • Your mailbox: you must have contacted and worked with many people
  • Business cards of customers, partners
  • Data on your website: in addition to the users on the website, the customer’s SDT information can also be in the comments, contact …
  • If your website has online transactions, aggregate orders and invoices to get information, you can also save the preferences of each customer.
  • Social networks: aggregate email addresses of friends or people who have Liked your Facebook, Twitter…
  • Printed documents such as contracts, letters, reports, etc.

2. Create a newsletter subscription form on your website and blog

This method is simple but very effective because the customers who enter this optin information show that they have liked the content of your page so these are high potential customers.

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It should be noted to optimize the placement of this opt-in in easily visible places on your blog pages. Can be the positions: Banner homepage, Pop-up when users visit the website, Top right corner of the website.

You note:

  • The registration form should be placed in an easy-to-observe location and right on the homepage
  • The simplest form only requires the user to enter the SDT and email address or enter a full name.
  • Asking users to enter a lot of information will annoy them, have fewer subscribers. But on the contrary, your list of SDT will be classified in more detail. You need to consider between these two issues.

3. Create many gifts to collect customer information

Collect new leads with giveaways like:

  • Free ebook giveaway
  • In-depth research report

Place opt-in windows on your websites or blogs, taking care to place opt-ins throughout the page.

In particular, it is best to place it at the top of the page so that visitors go to any corner of your website can see it, especially important places such as: Home page, blog main page, about page and page contact. Don’t let visitors have to rummage around to see the gift registration section as a coincidence.

4. Organize online promotions

More than 80% of customers will be caught up in the content with the message of discounts and gifts. However, in some cases, customers will feel unhappy with campaigns to receive advertising information like this because sometimes, customers choose a brand because of its class and sophistication, not because of its advantages. offers or promotions.

If you do business in cosmetics, you can organize a promotion to give away products to lucky winners such as mini cosmetic bags when traveling. If you offer an online service or training service, you can do a promotion for 50% off the service price or tuition.

You can also create giveaway events provided that participants like the fanpage, share the program and register their information in the information form. This is also very effective.

5. Organizing events, exhibitions, trade fairs

You should organize seminars and events to attract many participants with these potential customers. Use the opportunity to add more email addresses, SDT to your list. With online events, you will quickly aggregate user data. As for offline events such as conferences, contests, exhibitions, etc., you should send a staff member who specializes in asking and synthesizing information about attendees.

Call or email exhibitors you’ve gathered information from, mention you’ve met them at exhibitions or fairs and ask how you can help them. . And don’t forget to ask permission to include them in your data list.

6. Data List Provider

You can find reputable Data List providers. But keep in mind, you need to make sure their listing is legitimate and authorized by the recipient. Professional data list companies are completely different from those who sell illegal SDT online.

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7. Sử dụng Pinterest để quảng bá quà tặng

Pinterest is the world’s treasure, where recipes and documents are stored, so network users around the world search for documents on Pinterest mainly, documents are managed in the form of pin boards, users can View other people’s collections by dragging a pin to your board. Pinterest connects to Facebook and Twitter.

Create a Pinterest board and pin your free ebook or brochure gift on the board, from which you can generate leads and increase email volume.

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