The secret to using Ad Breaks Facebook to earn extra income in 2022

Ad Breaks Facebook is simply understood as a program that allows users to earn money from videos posted to Facebook. It’s similar to how you make money on YouTube. To learn more, let’s find out more information with Lokas through the article below!

What is Facebook Ad Breaks?

Ad Breaks Facebook is a program for Facebook video creators. And of course like Youtube, anyone can join. When posted videos meet a number of conditions set forth by Facebook, short ads will be inserted before or during the video playback. Ad-Breaks-Facebook-La-Gi

How to make money with Facebook Ad Breaks?

Facebook’s monetization policy and terms are quite strict, to make money from Ad Breaks Facebook you need to have:

Fanpage has enough 10,000 followers

In terms of making money from Facebook, it is very clear that your fanpage needs to have enough 10,000 page followers because if you only like the page but do not follow the page, the efficiency when making money from that page is not high.

To get a lot of followers, you need to have a smart and specific strategy, with “tips” to build a fanpage.

Minimum 1 minute video views for videos about 3 minutes in length

The second condition that Facebook offers to people who make money from Ad Breaks Facebook is that you must have 30,000 viewers for at least 60 seconds from the date you register for Ad Breaks and your Fanpage must have been established for 60 days, in accordance with the standards. Facebook’s community. If viewers exit before 1 minute, you will not be counted in Facebook’s monetization conditions.

To achieve this, you should invest in yourself a quality video, work hard to share that video on many groups, personal Facebook, social networking sites. Or if you have experience running ads, this way is also quite effective to pull views.

Facebook’s terms and policies do not explicitly state what the standards are for. However, you need to understand that standard is not to post objectionable content, reactionary content, 18+ content, videos with offensive content, etc. If you do not violate Facebook’s standards, Fanpage Your will be monetized from Ad Breaks Facebook.


Belonging to a country that allows making money with Ad Breaks Facebook

Because this is a very new form, the extent of its application is not really widespread and widespread. To enable this monetization, you must see if you’re in an eligible country?

However, Vietnam is not on the list of making money with Ad Breaks Facebook. But you can still make money if you know how to “circumvent the law” or you just need to declare tax information, use Payoneer card to receive money and make money from Facebook Ad Breaks successfully.

Ad Breaks Facebook display location

Similar to Youtube Ads video ads, Ad Breaks Facebook promotional videos are also displayed at various times in the original video player.

Up to now, Ad Breaks has the following 3 types:

  • Pre-roll: An ad that plays before the video starts.

These ads show to people actively searching for content through search, on a Page’s timeline, or on Watchlists in Facebook Watch.

The more viewers search for content, the more revenue the creator receives.

  • Mid-roll ads:  Display ads that interrupt video content.

These ads perform best in videos with a natural break score. For now, people are still discovering most videos in News Feed.

So to take advantage of all the monetization opportunities, creators should arrange to include ads in the middle of the video.

  • Image ads:  This type of ad is a static image that displays below the content and does not affect the viewing experience.

Steps to make money with Ad Breaks Facebook:

Step 1: Produce & upload videos to the page

The video here has 2 forms: self-produced or reup.

More than 80% of people making money with Ad Breaks are using video reup or cropping. This is quite sensitive but is the fastest way to make money similar to making money on Youtube in the old days.

Like Facebook is easy until it can make money until then. When tightening like Youtube, it will be calculated later.

Note to choose the content that is suitable for the object file of the page, or it is easier to just play with the content for entertainment purposes.

Basically, the video must be good, the better or evoke more emotions, the more viral the video will be. If you post it and no one sees it, you should think of a way to share it with many groups or spend money to run ads.


Step 2: Display ads

When you turn on the Adbreak feature for a video, the Facebook algorithm will automatically arrange and insert ads that are suitable for that video.

Step 3: Make money

The more views your ad gets, the more money you make. But basically the user has to watch the whole ad  (No skip) .

So it is still a matter of whether your video is good enough to retain a large number of users. The important thing you need to do is have a strategy to grow & drive traffic for videos.

There are 2 suggestions to drive traffic:

  • Free traffic:  You need to invest in many pages, groups, personal profiles … then have a plan to drive traffic to the main page by sharing. Many people feed full friends & share videos in bulk. But how to raise the account without dying, not many people can do it.
  • Paid traffic:  Run ads with an estimated budget for early growth. Later, depending on your income situation, you may have a more suitable advertising strategy.

Above is the information related to Ad Breaks Facebook, hopefully the article will bring you useful information. Need advice on marketing solutions, please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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