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Things to do to secure VoIP PBX you should know

Enhancing the secure VoIP PBX  with the following points, the company will protect its business messages and data optimally, minimizing intrusions and attacks from outside.

1. What is VoIP PBX?

VoIP virtual PBX is an IP – based phone service to make calls to any number around the world. Just  a simple installation from the service provider of course , connecting to the Internet, the restaurant can use the virtual switchboard to consult  and sell.

Unforgettable Destruction De Bao Mat Tong Dai VoipThe concept of VoIP PBX

This service is installed by means that the company will equip an IP phone or take advantage of an existing analog phone connected to a VoIP Gateway device. Then the service provider will hand over the software and configure them to be able to connect to their infrastructure, so you can use the virtual  PBX like a real PBX without any investment . An expensive physical PBX system .

2. Why should businesses choose VoIP?

VoIP phone systems offer a number of advantages that conventional telephone services cannot provide. Here are the reasons why businesses should choose VoIP for themselves:

2.1 Lower cost

No need to use a phone line, VoIP numbers use your internet connection. Even with monthly service, it costs less than maintaining a traditional phone system.

Unbreakable, De Bao Mat Tong Dai Voip 1Cost savings

Enterprises can also upgrade advanced features in the virtual PBX system to use VoIP numbers such as recording, call queuing, smart call forwarding, IVR building… at a lower cost. much more than the traditional PBX system.

2.2 More accessible

VoIP phone systems do not rely on physical location to make calls. Its convenience comes from a stable internet connection. This makes communication possible across the country.

Besides, VoIP doesn’t use much bandwidth. Even a modest 10MB connection can handle 100 concurrent calls.

2.3 More flexibility

VoIP networks have a lot of flexibility. When using the legacy phone network, adding more phones to the system is often limited. With a VoIP network, you are only limited by your bandwidth, which allows you to handle hundreds of calls using many popular broadband plans.

2.4 More devices

Another reason VoIP phones are versatile is their ability to work with any device. You can make or receive calls on IP Phones as usual, even with Softphone installed on Smartphone, laptop, tablet…

3. Things to do to secure VoIP PBX

Enterprises are required to strengthen the defense for 2 factors in IP PBX based on the vulnerabilities that hackers often attack with 2 factors:

Unforgettable War De Bao Mat Tong Dai Voip 2VoIP PBX Security

Applications  on VoIP systems and VoIP call content. Because hackers can break through the vulnerabilities of the infrastructure to attack the enterprise IP PBX, it is also necessary to improve the security of the computer network infrastructure.

Used to attack network infrastructure is also used by hackers to attack VoIP switchboards thanks to the DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack script. Hackers can interrupt VoIP calls with millions of messages sent to the switchboard through DDOS attack

VoIP PBX will be forced to a dedicated signal management gateway for VoIP transmission (VoIP Gateway) for user convenience . On the system, it will be transferred to this communication port thanks to encryption and user identification operations. Instead of network administrators having to do it manually, these complex operations will be automated on this port.

4. Conclusion

Above are all the things you need to do to secure VoIP PBX that we want to share. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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