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Things you need to know about voip technology

Currently, voip is being widely used in all areas of life. So what is voip Do you know anything about it? Let’s read the article below to find the answer for yourself!

What is Voip?

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows voice transmission using IP network protocol, based on the infrastructure of the existing Internet network. Voip allows you to make calls using a larger bandwidth connection than an analog phone line.

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Forms of calling Voip

PC to PC: is the easiest way to use, even without paying for long distance calls. You just need to install the VoIP software and make the call. This way is often used to design an internal switchboard.

Computer to Phone (PC to Phone): With this way, you can make any phone number but pay a fee. Just like PC-to-computer calls will need VoIP software.

Phone to PC: Some service providers allow calls from landlines to computers. Of course, on the computer must install the vendor’s software. This way also saves a lot of costs compared to traditional long distance calls.

Phone to Phone (Phone to Phone): Using VoIP phones, iPhone (built-in Skype-based VoIP service), VoIP adapter… you can make phone to phone calls to any phone number any.

Basic steps to make a voip . call

+ Determine where to call

+ Connection between caller and receiver is established

+ In Voip, when speaking into a stethoscope or micronphone, the voice generates an analog-electronic signal. Analog signal will be converted to digital signal using special algorithm to convert. Different devices have different conversion methods such as VOIP phone or Softphone. The digitized voice is then packed into a packet and sent over the IP network

+ Data will be transferred over the connection established at first

+ Data containing voice sounds will be converted back into sounds that listeners can understand

+ The sound you speak will be emitted outside the receiver

Benefits of using a VoIP phone

+ Free calls if using the same service, the same VoIP device or the same IP PBX (calling “on-net”).

+ The cost of international VoIP calls is usually much cheaper than PSTN networks because voice signals are encapsulated and transmitted on the same channel as many other services.

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+ Can use Fax over IP network or some supported VoIP services such as automatic answer, display incoming calls, display missed calls, transfer calls, make a list of phone numbers

+ The simultaneous use of both a regular desk phone and an IP phone (wired or wireless) over a LAN (Local Area Network) system will ensure that business communication is not interrupted when it occurs. trouble.

How to use voip effectively?

+ Regularly upgrade software, help prevent other attacks against VOIP

Use and maintain anti-virus software: Anti-virus software can protect and resist the entry of malicious viruses. At the same time, you need to constantly update new virus software

+ Install and enable the firewall. Firewalls limit many possible intrusions by blocking malicious traffic before they enter your computer

+ Make the most of every security option to ensure all your essential services are encrypted.

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