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Things you should know about Google Ads 2022

Google Ads is a smart form of advertising with many advantages, bringing great efficiency. But what is Google Ads? What are the benefits of advertising on Google?… All will be answered by Lokas through the article what you should know about google ads below.

1. What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (Google Adwords) is a commercial service that Google provides to those who need to promote their products, services, or brands. Users of the Google Ads service need to pay for ads to be displayed or clicked on. Ads will appear in priority positions on the search results page, on websites belonging to the Google display network, etc. through the selection of keywords related to the product/service that the business chooses. .

The role of Google ads is huge. With many advantages of online advertising, launched in 2000, Google Adwords has helped millions of businesses around the world reach more customers and do business more efficiently. Thanks to these outstanding benefits, Google ads have been well received by many people in Vietnam.

2. Classification of Google advertising forms

Many people often mistake Google Ads as simply search ads because it runs directly on the Google Search page. But in fact, Google offers 6 different types of advertising to serve different goals that businesses aim to.

2.1 Search advertising

Search advertising is a form of advertising provided by Google on the search engine. When a user types a search query, Google will return organic search results and results in the form of ads related to the keywords you have selected.

There are up to 7 display positions for search ads: the first 4 and the last 3 on a search page. Ad placements may show less than 7 positions depending on the industry and ad competition.


Search ads are often used to drive people to take action like clicking ads, contacting a business, etc. When someone searches for a product or service like yours, they are more likely to get it. find your ad useful and will click on it.

2.2 Display Network Advertising

Google Display Network Ads will help you reach a wide range of people while they are viewing their favorite websites, watching YouTube videos, checking their Gmail account or while they are using mobile devices. mobile and mobile apps.

This form of advertising helps you strategically expose your messages to potential customers in the right place and time. There are several types of ads you can run on the display network:

  • Responsive display ads:  Simply enter your ad text, add an image and an icon. Google will optimize ads to improve performance.
  • Uploaded Image Ads:  For more control, you can create and upload ads. You can upload ads as images in different sizes or HTML5.
  • Interactive Ads:  Allows you to run interactive image and video ads on YouTube and across the display network.
  • Gmail Ads:  Shows expandable ads in the top tabs of the user’s inbox.

2.3 Shopping ads

Google Shopping ads are a new advertising trend of Google that is chosen by many people because of its immediate effects. This form of advertising allows to quickly display specific product information about images, selling prices, website addresses in a prominent and intuitive way when users search for related keywords on Google.

Google Shopping typically shows up at the top of the page, just below the search bar, above Google Ads ads and organic search results. Or show up in the top right area of ​​the search page (not on phones). In addition, Google Shopping is also displayed on Google Shopping (in select countries), Google Search Partner sites, the Google display network (for local product catalog ads only), and so on.

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2.4 Video advertising

You can use this form of advertising to create an attractive video ad campaign to attract customers through displaying promotional videos on Youtube, on the Google Display Network, etc. Current video ad formats include:

  • Non-skippable in-stream ads:  Your ads are played before, during, or after the video. After 5 seconds of viewing the user can choose to skip the ad.
  • Skippable in-stream ads:  Like skippable in-stream ads, your ads are 5 seconds long and non-skippable by users.
  • Bumper ads: Bumper ads  are only 6 seconds or less in length and cannot be skipped by viewers.
  • Outstream advertising (Trueview outstream):  Displayed on partner websites. These ads are only available on mobile devices and tablets and are designed to make it easier for users to tap to play your video.
  • TrueView video discovery ads:  Consisting of a thumbnail from your video along with some text, video discovery ads invite people to click to watch the video.
  • YouTube Masthead Ads:  Native video ads will appear at the top of the YouTube homepage on TV, PC, smartphone, and more.

2.5 Universal App Advertising

Universal app advertising will help you expose your apps to more paying users. You only need to add a few lines of text, bid, some content and the rest will be optimized for users to find you, However with this form of advertising you will not be able to design campaigns. Individual ad translation for Universal App campaigns.

2.6 Smart advertising campaign

Google Ads Smart Campaigns help you highlight your business’ selling points and engage customers through Ads on Google, Google Maps, and partner sites.

Your Smart Ads can appear when potential customers in your targeted geographic area search for terms related to your business on Google or Google Maps.

Your ad may also appear to people outside of your neighborhood but whose search includes terms related to your business as well as your business location.

3. The cost of running Google ads

The cost of running Google Adwords ads is calculated on the total cost of advertising campaigns. Ad campaigns are further subdivided into ad groups and ads. How advertising is calculated is the total cost of keywords displayed or clicked. There are 3 ways to pay for advertising:

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) – Pay Per Click:  You only pay when a viewer clicks on your ad and learns more.
  • CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) – Pay for 1000 Impressions:  The advertiser will set the desired price for every 1000 times the ad is shown.
  • Pay for Conversions:  You will pay when a customer visits your website and performs an action (for example, placing an order). This cost has an agreement with Google.

For search network ads (Google search), shopping ads (Google Shopping Ads), universal app ads (Apps) can only use CPC bid calculation. Using this bid calculation will help optimize your ad type more, and you can also be proactive in setting the price for each ad campaign.

As for display network advertising (Google Display Network), you can choose between CPC and CPM. In the form of Video advertising, only the CPM method can be used.

Hope the above sharing will help you get more useful information. For details on Google advertising services, please contact Lokas.vn!

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