Cài đặt TikTok Pixel cho website

What is TikTok Pixel? How to get and install TikTok Pixel for Website

 TikTok Pixel is a piece of HTML code provided by TikTok that advertisers attach to their website. The user visits your website, the pixel will start working, capturing the user’s behavior and preferences. If you want in-depth Target TikTok can only use pixels

If you want to learn more about TikTok Pixel, the article below is for you, the article will help you in detail how to get TikTok Pixel & install it on your website.

A. Specifically, what are the 3  uses of TikTok Pixel ?

TikTok Pixel is a piece of HTML code provided by TikTok, which advertisers will attach to their website. When a user visits the Website, the pixel will be activated, automatically tracking user behavior/conversions .

Uses of TikTok Pixel :

If you’ve run TikTok ads , Pixel is indispensable. The main uses of TikTok Pixel are as follows:

1. Evaluate TikTok advertising effectiveness

Once you successfully install Pixel on your website, you will be able to track how many people visit the Website through TikTok ads.

From there, evaluate whether the advertising campaign on TikTok is effective or not through visits, page views, etc.

2. Optimizing TikTok Ads

By creating events in Pixel, you will track how many people click on the registration form on the Website, or complete the purchase (by going to the thank you page after purchase), or click the download button. on the web…

In addition to measurement, you can also use data taken from your Pixel to target ads to customers who have visited your website.

3. Build data file for Remarketing campaign

You can build your own data file, by creating a custom audience aimed at people active on the web or app. And this requires Pixel TikTok to be installed.

because this is the object of the Remarketing campaign.

B. How to make TikTok Pixel

Start with getting the Pixel code from your TikTok account.

Steps to take

– Sign in to your TikTok advertising account.

– On the Library tab, select Event.

Get The Pixel Code

Access the Events option in the TikTok library.

– Menu Event Manager, click the Manager compatible with Website Pixel (App Event used when you want to monitor via the app).

Get The Next Pixel Code

Choose Pixel website settings

– In the section In other to create conversions… Click Create Pixel right below.

– Clicking I Agree means that you have agreed in advance to the terms of use of TikTok Pixel.

– Here you will get the Pixel code after being redirected to the Basic Setting step.

– Name Pixel with 128 characters including spaces.

– In Install Type, choose 1 of 2 ways:

  • Manually Install Pixel Code:

Paste the HTML code directly into the website to install Pixel

  • Install pixel code by 3rd Party Tool:

You can install TikTok Pixel through other support tools, namely Google Tag Manager.

Stick to how you want to use.

You can do the following:

Photo Choose how to install TikTok Pixel you want to use

C. Install the TikTok Pixel code on the website

We will show you how to Insert Directly. Another way is to insert it through Google Tag Manager, you can refer to other articles.

This Pixel installation method will be simple if you pay attention here:

  • In the Manually Install Pixel Code option finally click Next.
  • The HTML code will appear as shown below.
  • Click Copy Pixel Code to complete the full copy.

Copy The Entire Tiktok Pixel Code And Place It On The Webiste

The code to install TikTok Pixel to the Website.

After the code is copied, paste it under the head tag of the web page.

Note: You can only paste the Pixel code once, not multiple times.

If pasting is complete, then you have successfully completed the installation of TikTok Pixel on the website .

You can use 3rd party tools like Google Tag Manager or ask a website designer to plug it in.

D. How to create a measurement event on the website

If you have finished installing Pixel Tik Tok on your website, next you need to do the second step, which is to create a measurement event.

An event can be an action taken by a user on the website.

For example: A customer has not paid but added a product to the cart, or visited the website through a Tik Tok ad, etc. These are considered necessary events to be recorded via Pixel.

To create a measurement event on TikTok:

– If you have successfully installed Pixel on the website, click Next to continue.

– There are 4 templates available to help you easily choose when clicking on the script

  • E-commerce events.
  • Form Submit Event.
  • Consulting Events.
  • Event Download App.

If the above 4 event templates don’t match your requirements, click Custom Events.

Event Templates

Select the event type that measures in Pixels

– Compatible with each event (Event), TikTok offers a lot of standard events to follow the customer journey.

– Example: In an e-commerce event, you are tracked:

  • Those who have clicked on see detailed product description.
  • The person who put the product in the basket is successful .
  • Those who order.
  • Or who has completed the payment.

Custom Events

You are allowed to track the following e-commerce event actions:

  • Select Statistical Type.
  • Click Every time when you want to know more about who performs the same action more than once.

For example: You want to track who put the product in the cart more than 2 times, click Every Time.

  • Select Once If you want to record 1 compatible event per user.
  • Keep track of who filled out the Once select form. If they fill out the form 3 to 4 times in a row, the contact you get is only 1.

– If you have selected the type of event, action and statistics you want to know, click Complete. At this point you have successfully created the event. All user actions that you expect on the site are recorded.

E. Summary

Using Pixel helps you track user behavior and conversions when running ads. And that’s all you have to know when you install TikTok Pixel for website. Hope the article brings useful information and helps you answer your questions in the best way.

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