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Tips for creating a perfect SMS marketing campaign

An sms marketing campaign is considered successful when they are carefully planned from the beginning. So how to create an sms marketing campaign? How to make them perfect? We invite you to read the article below!

1. Choose the right object

Choosing the right audience with the right advertising message or simply being able to buy your product is 50% successful. Don’t “sell the comb to the monk”! Therefore, prepare a list of customers that are as relevant to your product as possible, not only increasing the high purchase conversion rate but also avoiding customer spam.

2. Personalize the message content

Because phone users receive too many advertising and spam messages during the day, they don’t seem to be interested when opening and reading advertising messages that are sent automatically. Therefore, businesses should try to create a message that is very personal so that customers feel like
they are talking directly to them. This makes it easy to communicate call-to-action messages to customers and if maintained regularly,
today’s SMS recipients will become loyal customers of the business.

3. Short message – simple – Bring real value

No one wants to read a long, wordy text message that splits into more messages and makes your phone go off three times while you’re in a meeting. Occasionally use uppercase for keywords such as, OFFER, SALE, DISCOUNT, EVENT, or COUPON. Eliminate the use of acronyms that are not widely known. Remember, your primary goal is to effectively communicate with your customers by providing them with important information that they will understand for your text marketing campaign.

Meo Tao Chien Dich Sms Marketing Hieu Qua
For example: In the promotion message of the recharge card of the network operators, there are 3 valuable information for customers: 50% promotion, application date and application form.

4. Choose when to send messages and how often to send messages

The time of sending the message is a decisive parameter for the success or failure of an SMS Marketing campaign. Absolutely do not send messages at the customer’s rest time such as noon or evening after 9pm. Depending on your business line or the purpose of the event you are about to launch,
choose the appropriate time to send the message. If you’re planning to host an event or hold a sale, send subscribers a text message the night before or the day of the event. Or if you sell office lunches, it is best to send messages around 10-10:30 am.

You don’t want to spam your customers, but you also don’t want them to feel forgotten. Daily messages cause subscribers to opt out or opt out. The general rule with SMS marketing campaigns is to track 4-6 messages per month, or 1-2 messages per week.
As simple as beautiful. Prioritize consistency to maintain customer loyalty and boost business.

5. Combine with other forms of marketing

An SMS Marketing campaign will be even more effective if we know how to skillfully combine it with other types of marketing such as TVC, web banner or google Adwords. Businesses can link to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Zalo … or mention their website in the message content.

6. Brand positioning

In a day, customers can receive a lot of messages so they definitely won’t remember who we are. Therefore, let’s regularly mention the business name, product name, service name and SMS Brand Name combination in the message sent to customers, this not only helps businesses build a good brand but also an opportunity opportunity for customers to remember the business more, helping to increase sales.

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