Tips for effective free email marketing software for businesses

If you want a cost-optimized marketing campaign, don’t miss these free email marketing software ! These are the most effective free email marketing software in 2022 and are used by many businesses.

Free email marketing software Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a website to create free email marketing, with no time limit to use, with the ability to send 14,000 emails/month. This website specializes in providing great features that allow you to create online surveys, use email templates, weekly email campaigns or easily track email statistics. This is an extremely effective free email marketing software that you should not ignore.


VerticalResponse – Free email marketing software

VerticalResponse is one of the best free email marketing software available today. This website allows you to send about 4000 emails per month and store more than 1000 contacts in the system, suitable for small and medium-sized businesses or startups.

This website has outstanding features such as: the ability to send product information, email marketing to a large number of customers at the same time. At the same time have the ability to take care of and track customer emails, remember birthdays and send wishes to customers.


Free email marketing software Atomic Mail Sender:

You will not spend too much effort and time training your staff to start an email marketing campaign with Atomic Mail Sender because its interface is quite easy to use. Among the features, this software includes a built-in SMTP server, authentication support and multiple email formats. Free email marketing software Automatic Mail Sender supports Microsoft Word, DBF databases, CSV files, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and other file formats making it very versatile. This software not only allows you to send unlimited emails but also helps you to manage customer information including names and other data in your emails.


Which free email marketing software is right for you?

To know which free email marketing software is suitable for the operating mechanism of your unit. You need to know a few basic tips below to find the most suitable software.

Does the software meet the professional requirements of the job?

Whether you use commercial software or free software, the first factor when choosing email marketing software is: Does the software meet the professional requirements of the job?

Email marketing tools are divided into several stages, including: Collecting email addresses, managing email addresses, writing and sending email messages and checking results. Therefore, it is best to choose software that focuses on email marketing work to bring the highest efficiency.

Should choose online software

You should choose online software because you can use them on your personal computer or other computers. Because you don’t always bring your personal computer to work. You need to make sure that you don’t need any other supporting software or hardware for your email marketing software to run properly.

Should choose software from units specializing in the field of email marketing

You should prefer using email marketing software from vendors that allow you to try their software. Because during the trial process, you will get acquainted and experience to know if the software is suitable for your work or not?

Thus, through the above article, we have specifically shared some things you need to know about free email marketing software for your reference. Hopefully, the above information will help businesses better understand these software. Wish you choose for yourself the most suitable email marketing software.

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