Tips for using an extremely smooth ads manager for newbies

Facebook Ads Manager is also known as Business Manager. Ads Manager (Ad Manager) is a small part of Business manager (BM – Business Manager), responsible for managing and tracking advertising campaigns. To become a professional Facebook advertiser, mastering all the features here is a must-have skill.

The Facebook account that you currently own and use is a personal account. With each of these individual accounts, you can register for 1 or more types of BM. This account was created for the purpose of managing Fanpage, creating Events, App and most importantly, it helps to manage advertising accounts, and advertising campaigns.


What is the main function of the ads manager?

You can use Facebook Ads Manager to:

  • Set up Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Create, manage, and adjust multiple ad sets and ads.
  • Manage Facebook ad bids.
  • Target a variety of audiences.
  • Access to all metrics and breakdowns to evaluate results.
  • Optimize advertising campaigns.
  • Monitor campaign performance.
  • A/B testing tests Facebook ad campaigns.

Advantages of Ads Manager:

Ads Manager will help you manage advertising activities for your business’ products and services on Facebook in the most professional and optimal way.

Here’s what Business Ads Manager offers to running your Facebook ads compared to a regular personal ad account.

  • Custom customer file creation feature
  • Priority to update the latest advertising features
  • Priority Facebook support faster than personal accounts
  • Can create more child ad accounts
  • Supported if you want to cooperate with others to share customer base.
  • Use Facebook Pixel to track (tracking) and optimize conversions (Conversion).

Steps to create and use ads manager:

1. Create an Ads Account

Step 1:  After completing the Business account, you can create an ad account. You go to Business Manager and select Business Settings.

Step 2:  Select the line Ad Account and click Add in the next pane → Create New Ad Account

Step 3: Fill in Information → Next → This Ad Account will be used for My Business


  • Name should be different from Business name to avoid confusion for newcomers.
  • You may need to add a payment card before you get to this step. See at Step 4.
  • Currency should be selected in the same unit as the Visa card that will be used for payment.

2. Create a Business Manager account

Business Manager, also known as BM, can be seen as a big house, inside contains many assets: Object files, Ad accounts, Fanpage, Pixel, … In the BM house, there can be many managers called Admins, each Admin is sometimes delegated to manage different properties.

And creating a BM is the first step to take.

Step 1: Go to: =>> select Create Account

Step 2: Fill Information → Next

Note: Email should be a shared email so that both Managers and Employees can access it for regular monitoring. If you are working for an individual, enter your personal email address.

Step 3: Continue to fill in information → Submit

Here will ask you to provide some basic information such as: Country, address, website, phone number … and select Submit, you have completed the registration of a Business account.


3. Add a payment card

Step 1: Select a payment line → Choose Account → View payment method

Step 2: Click Add payment method and fill in the information.

The steps to operate on the ad manager need to be careful and patiently wait for facebook to load all the information filled in to avoid the account being disabled.


4. Add members to use Business

When adding a member to use Business, that account will have the following rights: Manage ads, Manage fanpage… To add members, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the line People → Add

Step 2: Enter the member’s Facebook login email to add.

Note:  Admin has full rights in Business,  edit Settings, add and remove members,…Employee only has permission to use  granted features such as running ads .

Step 3: If you grant Employee permission, assign permissions to run Ad as follows:

Select the line Ad Account → Select the Ad Account used → Optional authorization

Some notes when using the ad manager

– Use caution when adding admins and permissions to Facebook Business members and ad accounts. Only give Admin rights to people who really trust.

– Payment method: Do not add 1 visa card to too many advertising accounts, it is easy to abnormally lead to account lockout.

– It is necessary to pay attention to the time zone when setting the initial ad accordingly when advertising for foreign markets.

– Consider when paying via Paypal because currently Paypal transactions originating from Vietnam are often noticed by Facebook more, so you need to be careful to avoid mistakes and unfortunately stop ads.


Here are some basic steps to help you create and use Facebook ads effectively. Hopefully, it will help you optimize your campaign and bring in huge revenue for your business.

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