Tips for using Facebook advertising services for mother and baby products effectively

In addition to using Facebook ads for mother and baby products, what do you need to do to have an effective business?

In order for your business to be more effective than using Facebook advertising services for mother and baby products , you should do the following suggestions to increase order rates and reach more potential customers:

Approaching potential customers through personal pages: this group of customers tend to make friends to sell by Profile, can make friends with them manually or using current automatic friend support tools. There are many on the market: Simple facebook, Fplus, Ninja, …. A small note is that in addition to using Facebook advertising services for mother and baby products, this group of customers is very crowd-oriented and cheap, so you just need to take care and carefully look at the image, in addition to the content. Attractive content is that you can easily find and sell continuously.

Access through groups: groups specializing in classifieds, trading, sharing, …. too much. Keywords such as: diapers, moving house, trading, Eva, confiding, where mothers gather a lot. Posting on these groups gives you the opportunity to get closer to potential customers and sell products directly with them to sell.


Most mothers with milk diapers have the need to buy quality products at reasonable prices for their families and children. Therefore, when advertising mother and baby products on Facebook to reach this audience through tools such as ads or newsfeed, businesses should pay attention to optimizing these things to increase the order rate. .

Online sales website accounts for more than 50% of the efficiency compared to other online business platforms. So you should invest in this field by setting up a sales website is a necessary condition if you participate in online sales. You can run Facebook ads for mother and baby products in parallel with Google or increase credibility with customers.

Products suitable for this target group:

This customer group can be applied to any industry, service or product on Facebook currently in the mid-range and low-price segments.

+ About recruiting collaborators and wholesalers: The source of mothers with milk diapers are usually office workers, workers, housewives, … and are raising small children, so earning extra income to earn milk for children is the most indispensable thing. So you can focus on easy-to-sell items such as cosmetics, fashion, green tea starch, turmeric starch, and low-priced items.

+ Retail direction: in this file, in addition to Facebook advertising services for mother and baby products, you can sell mid- and low-priced items. The first must be milk diapers, household items, sweets to stimulate baby’s appetite, candy to treat anorexia, products for mother and baby, maternity fashion clothes, baby clothes, small cars for babies. baby, physiological saline, weight loss…



In fact, today, using Facebook advertising services for mother and baby products from agencies is extremely beneficial for small and medium businesses. Think about it, if you run Facebook ads for mother and baby products yourself, but your experience is still quite immature, how long will it take to take the time to handle and fix the problem? Who will consult the customer and who will go to fix the problem? Moreover, businesses will have to spend more on salaries for marketing personnel, space costs, etc….


Those problems will be completely solved when you have a clearer view when thinking of hiring an Agency to help you run Facebook ads for mother and baby products. Service fee from only 10% Lokas has been accompanying and developing over the years with big customers such as: Iseul, PET ME Shop, Pet Me Coffe, Landmarkgroup, etc…. If you have not found a satisfactory overall Marketing unit, please contact Lokas! We will bring you great service experiences.

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