Tips for using Spy Facebook Ads to help you optimize your campaign effectively

Spy Facebook Ads is one of the powerful support tools of businesses in the process of market research and planning to compete with competitors. So what competitor research tools should you use? Let’s find out with Lokas through the article below!

What is Spy Facebook Ads?

Spy Facebook Ads is the study of what competitors are doing in the market, what audience they are targeting, their marketing form on facebook, what their content is,… That means you will Find out information about competitors such as the content they write, services, prices, how to run ads and their competitive advantages, etc. When starting a campaign, you can refer to the above information to Find your own ideas.

Using Spy Facebook Ads helps you to distill ideas like:

  • Message content
  • Ad creative (including images, videos, formats …)
  • Landing page link
  • Customer insights, feedback and engagement
  • The effectiveness of Ads
  • Deployment channel
  • Deployment time
  • Media partner


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Spy Facebook Ads?

Advantages of Spy Facebook Ads:

  • Once you’ve learned about your competitors’ content, you know what they’re doing well, you can learn from it and create new marketing campaigns in your own style.
  • Knowing your competition will help you to claim the value of your product through the difference and uniqueness of your offering compared to your competitors’ products.
  • See what your competitors are missing and what they haven’t done. From there, you can avoid the mistakes your competitors make and execute marketing campaigns that they haven’t.
  • Learn about user reviews of competitor products. Combine these answers to make it easier for you to meet your customer’s needs.
  • Evaluate market segments for future business development.


Disadvantages of Spy Facebook Ads:

Each business will have different business strategic orientations and communication ideas. So sometimes you run the same Facebook ads as your competitors, but not sure you can achieve as much success as them.

Another problem to keep in mind when Spying Facebook Ads  is that by choosing the wrong opponent to research, you will spend a lot of time and effort but will not give any useful results. So which subjects should you study?

  • First: your direct competitors in the industry.
  • Second: businesses with similar products or services to your customer base.
  • Third: brands with effective Facebook Ads activities

Suggest effective Spy Facebook Ads tools for you:

Bigspy – The most popular Spy Facebook Ads tool:

Pros : BigSpy is also a free Facebook Ads Spy tool. Bigspy allows us to search for running ads with keywords or certain options. Especially interesting is the feature of filtering ads by multi-platform (including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter …), in the form of call to action, ads type …

Using BigSpy, you can not only research a competitor’s ads, but you can also search for ads by an entire industry. Example keyword “cosmetic”.

Cons : BigSpy only allows you to use 4 searches per day for free, if you want to continue using it, you need to upgrade the paid plan or invite 3 friends to use the pro version for 10 days. In addition, when displaying results, the tool is also limited to only showing you the first 6 results.

However, this is still an effective tool for you to spy on many of the best ads of many brands at the same time.


Facebook Ad Library or Page Transparence

These are two available tools that Facebook provides to all businesses with a Facebook page. To ensure transparency, Facebook tries to display information about the page and its ads so that people can easily learn the purpose and operation of that page.

To use this Facebook Ads Spy tool  , you can go to the Facebook Ads library or go to the Facebook page of the business you want to track and select the Page Transparence item.

Pros:  A free tool for everyone, you can research any existing page on Facebook by typing in the brand page name or related keywords. Viewable information includes:

  • Page creation time, page renaming history
  • Number of page managers
  • Advertising activities of the page: can filter by geographical location, time, running channel like Facebook or Instagram, Messenger … and format such as video, image…
  • Advertising parameters such as start date, ads ID


Because it is a free version, there are many limitations on features such as only spying on ads on Facebook or the Facebook ecosystem.


Fanpage Karma

This is a data platform that allows you to analyze and compare your competitors and your fan pages.

Some advantages of this Spy Facebook Ads tool  are:

  • In addition to analyzing pages on facebook, Fanpage Karma allows users to compare on Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and other social networking sites.
  • The way to get information is very simple and the interface is easy to use for most users. You just need to copy and paste the fanpage link / UID you want to analyze into the add profile box, especially you can add multiple profiles and run the analysis at the same time.
  • Fanpage Karma also has an easy-to-observe visualization feature that allows you to compare posts with high engagement, likes, comments and statistics data from high to low.
  • In addition, Fanpage Karma can also analyze links originating from posts, hashtags and keywords that pages often use in articles.

Cons: The free plan’s operation period is 90 days for 1 Fanpage. After that, you need to upgrade to the paid version for $75/month for 1 Fanpage.

Above are the Spy Facebook Ads software to help you optimize the effective campaign based on competitor analysis. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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