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Tips to improve Call Routing for Business Contact Center

Call Routing , also known as call routing, is an essential tool for Contact Center systems. It helps customers reach the right support staff in timely manner and helps Contact Centers to operate stably with continuous incoming calls at certain times of the  day.

So how to have effective Call Routing, the following article will share with you tips to help improve Call Routing for Business Contact Center.

1. What is Call Routing?

When using smart switchboard services, businesses often hear this term. This is a feature set based on business criteria. Help the calls to the hotline number of the business to be oriented and streamed clearly.

Nhung Meo Cai Thien Call Routing For Contact CenterThe concept of Call Routing

With call routing, the customer will be connected to the person in charge. Get ready to take calls right away without having to wait for a connection due to random ringing.

Specifically, there will be a list of people in charge of hotline numbers assigned by businesses in a certain order. Thus, every time a call comes in. The routing system will automatically send the caller to the available person’s phone number on that list.

At this time, the operator installed Call Routing can receive calls from customers directly. From your phone or computer as well as any time (such as outside business hours).

2. Tips to help improve Call Routing for your Contact Center

Call routing is necessary for the operation of Contact Center as well as directly affects the quality, work productivity as well as the Revenue of the Enterprise. However, you will only reap the benefits if you take the time to optimize your processes. Here are some tips to get you started:

Nhung Meo Cai Thien Call Routing For Contact Center 1Ways to improve Call Routing

2.1 Research your customers

You can’t optimize processes when you don’t know who they’re for. Call Center or Contact Center KPIs like CSat and NPS are great for measuring what customers like and don’t like about your process. Conducting market research on your customers goes a step further so you can better understand their needs and concerns and keep them in mind when planning your strategy.

2.2 Experimenting with different approaches

As mentioned in the previous section about different types of Call Routing, they all have their own strengths and challenges. If you use carrier availability-based call-queue routing, add a few new enhancements! Try skill-based or time-based call routing and see if it changes your customer satisfaction score.

2.3 Make your criteria specific

If you have chosen to use skill-based call routing, make sure you set very specific criteria. For example, “Technical support” can be divided into “AI technology” or “IT support”. The more specific the criteria, the easier it will be for customers to access support for their problem.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about the tips to help improve Call Routing that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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