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Tips to measure effective SMS Marketing

What is the best way to measure the effectiveness of  SMS Marketing services  once you have completed the campaign. The following article will provide some useful information for businesses.

1. Number of messages sent successfully

After implementing a campaign to advertise products and services of your business by SMS Marketing. You need to re-statistic the total number of messages successfully sent to the recipient. The more messages sent without bounce, the more effective the SMS Marketing campaign will be.

Besides, this will help you know how many phone numbers are still in use or inactive in your SMS customer list. From there, you will be able to select a list of quality SMS customers to make the next campaign better.

2. Statistics of customer feedback

When the customer response rate is high, it will say how successful your business’ SMS Marketing strategy is. If customers respond to your SMS Marketing messages, it shows that they are interested and have a need for the product you want to convey to them in your SMS Marketing campaign.

Bi Kip Do Luong Sms Marketing

3. How sales and visitors increase or decrease during the campaign

The ultimate purpose of SMS Marketing campaign is to increase sales, increase the number of customers using your products and services after implementing the campaign. Increased revenue shows how successful your SMS Marketing campaign has been.

Besides, the increase in revenue also means that the way you write your promotional SMS content is attractive, attracting customers’ interest in your products and services, proving your information. that you convey via SMS has satisfied customers.

Above are the  tips to measure the effectiveness of SMS Marketing  for your business. Good luck with this recipe! 

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