Tips to Target advertising based on extremely attractive competitor Fanpages!

Target advertising helps you correctly identify and choose the right potential markets, suitable and profitable with the product values ​​​​of the business. From there, come up with communication and advertising plans to attract customers in the segment that the business wants to target.

What is an advertising target?

Target advertising is that Facebook will automatically show your business’s ad to those most likely to see the post as relevant. You can continue your search for ad attribution goals using the 3 audience selectors. There are 3 ways to target ads:

  • Core customer group: Identify goods based on criteria such as age, interests, geographical location, etc.
  • Custom customers: Get back in touch with customers who have engaged with your business via ijninternet or in real life.
  • Similar Customers: Reach new customers who behave similar to your potential customers.


Tips Target advertising from competitor fanpage:

Analysis from the ad of the competitor’s Page

Step 1: Go to an advertising pots of a competitor’s Fanpage

Step 2: Choose arbitrarily from 10-20 facebook users to check:

+ Like the page

+ Comments

+ Share

Then analyze each of these people in detail to see what Page they like, notice the Fanpage has a green check mark.

This is a very simple but effective way to target ads, which almost everyone ignores.


Turn yourself into a customer

Step 1: You yourself play the role of a competitor’s customer by actively liking posts, commenting, liking and following the opponent’s page, texting to ask and buy goods to receive promotional information every time you buy products. campaign is started.

Step 2: Search and study in detail the posts running ads of competitors’ fanpages. Clicking on the three dots icon above the post running the ad will see a section Why did I see this ad, here the business will check out information such as geography, age restrictions, and gender of the Page. competitor.

Step 3: Access the advertising preferences section at Link: then go to your Interests section to see what information Facebook is collecting from you. Based on this data, you will also find the necessary advertising targets.


Analyze ad target with Simple UID . tool

Step 1: Go to the competitor’s site

Step 2: Download and install the FREE SIMPLE UID software

Step 3: Scan the interaction of this Fanpage

Use SIMPLE UID: scan the audience of your fanpage and rival fanpage

SIMPLE ADS: transfer all user UID data into Facebook ad file (Custom Audience File). From there, look like the UID files you just uploaded, you will find a list of NEW and QUALITY users. This is an extremely effective tool to target ads that you should try.

Target on the opponent’s fanpage is sure to order?

This is never certain! No matter how you target advertising  , you are still showing your products in front of customers when customers surf Facebook. The choice of spending money to buy goods also lies in many other issues:

  • Is your item good?
  • Is the price appropriate?
  • Is there any problem with the reputation of the business?
  • Why should customers shop at your store and not elsewhere?

You can feel that there are many reasons why buyers spend money on shopping. Facebook is not a vending machine, Facebook is just a tool for Facebook users to see your products. Not to mention, the old users in that Fanpage are likely to have bought products from competitors already. So the rate of them buying from you is very low, if your product / service is no different, they have to spend money.

Be alert!!!

Targeting ads on a competitor’s Fanpage only helps you specifically target people who are already interested in that field.

Less fumbling like how to use Audience Insights.

The above are ways to target ads from rival fanpages. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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