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Top 25 absolute Virtual PBX terms you should know

Virtual PBX with many outstanding features will definitely become the type of switchboard that businesses aim for in the near future. However, the terminology in the switchboard may be confusing to you. Therefore, today we will share information about the terminology in the virtual switchboard so that you can better understand.

What is Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX  , also known as virtual pbx, hosted pbx or cloud pbx, is a telephone exchange built and operated on the basis of cloud computing technology (Cloud Computing) combined with modern VoIP technology.

Terms in virtual PBX

  1. Agent, CSR

We are often used to Agents are agents right? However in switchboard it means operator. Or to put it simply, the employee answered the phone. CSR stands for Customer Service Representatives, this is also referring to the operator.

  1. IVR

When reading the switchboard information, everyone must have seen the phrase IVR appear somewhere. So what is IVR? IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is automatic voice interaction. It can be understood simply that when there is an incoming call, the switchboard will play a recording to guide customers by pressing the number keys.

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  1. Inbound and outbound

Inbound refers to calls that businesses receive from external customers. Outbound is the opposite, those are calls that businesses actively communicate with customers. In addition, we often encounter other ways of calling such as “call in” or “call out”.

  1. CRM

This stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is known as a software capable of storing, integrating and synchronizing customer data, which can be mentioned as: basic information, history of interactions across channels, customer classification… Call centers Virtually now has a combination of CRM to help businesses enhance their business services.

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  1. Extension

Many times we will hear advice like: “How many extensions do you need? you want to extend the extension is also easy”… so what is an extension? This is understood as an extension in the switchboard system. For example 5 extensions, 10 extensions are 5 extensions, 10 extensions. Pretty simple right?

  1. Popup

This is a feature that displays customer information when there is an incoming or outgoing call. Usually, this feature will be most evident when there is CRM integration or 3rd party software.

  1. Voice mail

Voicemail System or voicemail system is basically a modern version of an answering machine. It helps to replay the message to the caller in case it is not ready. Furthermore, the caller has the option to leave a message or request a callback. This is a great tool to make customer service smoother.

  1. PBX

PBX – Private Branch Exchange is an internal PBX system, helping departments and employees inside the company to call each other completely free of charge. It can be said that this feature in a virtual PBX is a great solution for businesses to save on telecommunications costs.

  1. VoIP

VoIP is known as Voice over Internet Protocol. This is the technology of transmitting human voice over a computer network using the TCP/IP protocol suite. It uses IP datagrams with the transmitted information being encoded as the audio.

  1. ACS

ACS or full name is Automated Call System/Service, we are used to calling it an automatic switchboard or Auto Call. This is an automatic call center solution, an advanced technology, allowing to call hundreds or even thousands of pre-recorded automatic calls to users immediately and at the same time, professional recording script. businesses, save maximum resources for Enterprises!

  1. Queue

This is the call queue on the switchboard. Calls pouring into the switchboard can go to different numbers based on the business settings. For example, according to the communication needs of customers through branches such as ordering, technical support, information consulting, etc., the branches mentioned above are called queues.

  1. Telemarketing and Telesales

Telemarketing is a combination of the words “Telephone” and “marketing”, which means marketing and advertising over the phone. Telesale is a combination of “Telephone” and “Sale”, which means selling over the phone. It can be said that these are also two types that must use PBX, especially virtual PBX for the best performance.

  1. Recording

Call recording function will be commonly found on virtual PBX. This is considered an outstanding advantage to help businesses listen to customer interactions to adjust their services and business strategies.

  1. Transfer call

This is call redirection. There are two ways to transfer: automatic and manual. For automatic, calls from outside will be transferred according to the script in the switchboard such as the extension is busy, out of business hours, not answered… But manual transfer is a direct operation of the phone operator to transfer the call. that call to the department in charge.

  1. ACD

ACD – Automatic Call Distribution, this is an automatic call allocation system. Calls to the switchboard will be allocated to the operator according to the pre-configured scenario.

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  1. Tickets

Understand correctly in the switchboard, this is a record, or a job request form. The call center system builds tickets to control the progress of work, or create orders to be processed to help not miss anything.

  1. Omni-channel

This is understood as multi-channel customer service integration such as: Facebook (chat & comment), Zalo AO (Acound Official), Live chat… This is a customer-centric model in reaching out through sales channels, Maximize sales from offline to online channels that only need to be managed on a single system.

  1. Self-service

This is the form in which customers when contacting the business, even without the support of an operator, can still solve their needs. This is also the advantage of automatic call center (ACS) or automatic voice interaction (IVR).

  1. Softphone

Softphone is an application installed on smartphones or computers to serve the diverse needs of businesses. Softphone has 2 main forms: 1 is a PBX provider based on available applications for developers, and then configures their switchboard information on it. 2 is a virtual PBX provider that builds its own branded Softphone

  1. Supervisor, monitor or admin

This is general only for supervisors. The supervisor in the switchboard has a lot of functions such as: Monitor the entire agent on the screen, recent calls, missed calls during the day, how long to wait to answer the phone, “eavesdropping” on a call of an agent. Staff…

  1. API

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are methods and protocols that connect to other libraries and applications. APIs provide the ability to provide access to a set of commonly used functions and from which data can be exchanged between applications.

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  1. Pincode

Pincode is understood as an outbound call with a password. This is an effective solution when businesses want to control the call out fee of each extension and avoid the case of agents using each other’s “sneaky”.

  1. IP Phone

Basically, IP phones are devices that have a shape and structure that is quite similar to a traditional phone. However, instead of using the PSTN system, the postal network like a desk phone, these devices are connected and operate thanks to the Internet and have more special features than traditional phones such as displaying numbers. incoming calls, display missed calls, record calls, transfer calls…

  1. DND

DND stands for Do Not Distub which means do not disturb. We often see the words DND on IP Phone phones. When this feature is enabled, that IP Phone (extetion) will not be able to make or receive calls.

  1. Import/Export

This concept is also quite easy to understand. Virtual switchboards can easily transfer data or export data such as reports, statistics, etc. Usually the data is exported as an excel file to support users to monitor, process and store easily. easy.


Above are 25 terms used in the virtual switchboard that we introduce to you, which is quite easy to understand, isn’t it!

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