Top 3 benefits not to be missed when taking care of multi-channel customers

Today, it is easy for customers to find a variety of purchasing options that meet all of their needs. Your competitors in the market all know how to build excellent sales and marketing strategies to reach customers. Therefore, if you only spend money on expanding distribution channels and marketing on many different channels, you can hardly get a competitive advantage. Instead, focusing on customer care is the solution to help you save costs but still optimize revenue.

In the context of 4.0, customers contact businesses everywhere from website, facebook, Zalo, SMS, Chat, multi-channel customer care is something you cannot ignore to increase sales profits.

1. What is multi-channel customers care?

Multi-channel customer care is a method of reaching customers through messages, emails, social networks (facebook, zalo, instagram…) to bring unified brand experiences. Thanks to this form, you can serve customers in a simpler, more convenient and efficient way.

Top 3 Types Of Vietnamese Crab Iced Crab Soc Ketchup The concept of omnichannel customer care

According to Accenture statistics, up to 89% of consumers are unhappy when they have to repeat the same question over and over again for brands. This will be solved by omnichannel customer care.

2. How does multi-channel customer care work?

To start implementing omni-channel customer care, first of all, businesses need to build a consulting department to support customers on all available channels/brand touchpoints of the business.

Top 3 Types Of Vietnamese Crab Soc Activities of multi-channel customer care

However, statistically, about 76% of customers say that having to repeat the same problem when communicating through different channels is the most annoying part of the entire customer experience. In addition, another 86% of customers expect counselor conversations to flow seamlessly across channels.

Therefore, today, for comprehensive and effective multi-channel customer care, businesses need to build an automatic, uniform and transparent data system between communication channels and create Get a seamless experience with your customers.

No matter where customers appear: texting on zalo, or accessing and calling on mobile phones, businesses also have the ability to identify and advise them effectively. Besides, businesses need to easily synchronize information, centralize all data from channels into an all-in-one software for management.

3. What are the benefits of unified omnichannel customer care?

Applying an effective multi-channel customer care switchboard software system helps businesses get positive results for business activities. There are three main benefits:

Top 3 Types Of Vietnamese Crab Iced Soc Ketchup 2 Benefits of omnichannel customer care

3.1 Increase customer satisfaction:

Synchronizing information between communication channels will help businesses remember customer data such as:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Buying habits
  • Products you are interested in
  • Demand
  • Chat history between customers and consultants

Through this information, the customer care department can quickly respond to the needs and solve the problems customers are having. This will help customers feel the care and respect that the brand has for them. From there, the brand will leave a good impression and keep a long-term relationship with customers.

3.2 Understanding customers and building appropriate marketing strategies:

Unified omnichannel customer care also helps businesses have enough information to outline complete customer portraits, divide customers into behavioral groups and implement personalized marketing campaigns, tailored to the needs of each individual group.

Enterprises group customers according to buying behavior such as:

  • Loyal customer group: gratitude incentives, regular contact, service feedback, encouragement to introduce new customers, …
  • A group of customers who only buy at a discount: introduce deep discounts, “bargain” purchase programs
  • Group of customers buying randomly: introduction of products that have similarities with the purchased product, survey program to deepen demand
  • Groups of customers only buy when there is a need: suggest suitable products according to the shopping cycle, etc.
  • The customer group is “walking”: product overview and exploration of actual needs.

3.3 Optimizing costs and increasing management efficiency

With a digital multi-channel customer care system, businesses are able to save 30-50% of equipment and operating personnel costs compared to traditional customer care deployments. Businesses also have a panoramic view to monitor and evaluate employee activities and take care of customers.

4. Conclusion

Above is all the information about multi-channel customer care that we want to share. Good luck!

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