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Top 4 applications of auto call to help businesses lighten the burden of human resources

The application of auto call is considered as an assistant to help businesses solve the problem of human resources, time, and costs to personnel.

What is Auto Call?

Auto Call has the ability to make batch automatic calls of the switchboard according to a list as well as pre-designed content. This convenience has attracted the attention of many businesses. This application not only helps promote business activities of businesses but also is a very cost-saving option that no business wants to refuse.

What is the reason why auto call is favored by businesses?

Enter customer data

An Auto Call software that is of great help to businesses is the function of entering data into the software from an available list. With this feature, businesses can update customer information on the date system using available data without having to manually create it step by step.

This not only helps businesses save a lot of time for operations on the system, but also makes updating information easier and more convenient, without making small mistakes like when doing business. manual entry.

Allows to select multiple numbers to call out

Another very essential Auto Call application for businesses is the function of selecting multiple numbers to call out. Normally, with a landline phone, only one phone number can be attached. However, with the Auto Call solution, businesses can choose unlimited dialing numbers, depending on the number of customer switchboards that the business is using.

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Besides, when using Auto Call, businesses can also create multiple campaigns for different customer files at the same time. For example, campaign 01 calls for renewal, campaign 02 calls to thank customers for renewing.

This feature not only makes it easier for businesses to reach customers, but also enhances the professionalism and credibility of the business to customers.

Detailed campaign history statistics

Another unique Auto Call application is the detailed campaign history statistics function. With all calls made with customers, businesses will receive a detailed report on answering time, call status, busy press, out-of-network status…

This will make it easier for businesses to manage and track employee call status. Besides, with this function, even if it is a missed call or cannot be made with a customer, businesses can also look up, check and re-implement so as not to miss a request from a customer, in order to help the Customer care is improved.

Configure call script

A great advantage that makes Auto Call more and more popular and chosen by many businesses today is the call script configuration feature. This function allows businesses to make many different types of automatic calls depending on user requirements.

This great feature will help businesses easily meet most of the needs of customers, thereby improving the reputation of the brand in the market, and at the same time reaching a large source of potential customers.

These features of Auto Call can bring great benefits to businesses. According to statistics, with the automatic mass calling solution, businesses can reduce 70% of staff for making calls and improve call productivity significantly. From there, cutting a lot of time and costs, improving profits for businesses.

In particular, this great solution is also capable of filtering potential customer sources, helping businesses reach target customers quickly and effectively, with higher performance than traditional calls.

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