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Top 5 best SMS Marketing software in 2020

Software to send SMS Marketing messages is a marketing channel that is no longer strange to marketers. But has your business found the right and best messaging software for you? Today, we will share with you the top 5 best sms marketing software in 2020 to help you choose!

1. SG SOFT sms sending software 

Also quite popular and developed in the South, SG Soft – a tool to support sending mass sms messages.

Outstanding features of SMS sending software – SG SMS Marketing:

– Send mass and professional messages quickly with 3 ways of sending messages: Send a message by device, send from a random number or send a Brand Name message.

– Support sending messages from 50 VND/message.

– Show professionalism with the function of PERSONALIZING the name and personal information of customers.

– Limiting the number of messages sent helps to optimize the cost of sending messages.

– And many more useful features…

2. A23 SMS Marketing sends bulk sms messages 

Similar to SG sms sending software, A23 SMS is one of the solutions to send bulk messages. Help you quickly reach customers and market products. The user interface is quite simple. The features are quite similar to the SG software.

Phan Mem Gui Tin Nhan A23 Sms Marketing
<span>Software to send messages A23 SMS Marketing</span>

3. Software to send bulk sms messages TOP SMS Marketing

TOP Marketing brand has been on the market since 2014. It is known and used by many large enterprises, companies and corporations. Attract users by eye-catching interface, easy to use. Here is the latest updated version:

Software to send sms

Software interface for sending SMS messages TOP SMS Marketing

Functions of TOP SMS Marketing sms sending software:

– Installed on Windows operating system computers. The software imports contacts automatically from excel, csv, text files.

– Send mass messages at low cost (only from 10 VND per message for student sim).

– Personalization feature, send by recipient’s name.

– TOP SMS sms marketing software supports anti-sim lock feature when sending many: Automatically randomly selects one of the pre-prepared message content templates to send. Avoiding the same messages sends thousands of messages a day. This feature was first developed by TOP Marketing in Vietnam.

Phan Mem Gui Tin Nhan Top Sms Marketing
<span>Top SMS Marketing messaging software</span>

– Report sending details: Date, time, content, successfully sent list, failed numbers cannot be sent.

If interested in sending messages cheaply and without sim lock. TOP SMS Marketing software is one of the perfect, top-rated choices on Google today. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly send messages to customers. For more information, you can visit the website for more information.

4. SMS PRO . Messaging Software

Also a software to send messages automatically via USB 3G with many professional features.

Some functions of SMS Pro bulk messaging software

– Send 1 message content to many phone numbers quickly

– Send notifications to all employees automatically

– Free warranty for the duration of use

Phan Mem Gui Tin Nhan Sms Pro
<span>Software to send SMS messages Pro</span>

However, according to feedback from many users, Pro software currently still has some limitations. Like not being able to update multiple USB 3G at the same time. Or not yet compatible with many new 3G USB models…

5. Software to send SMS marketing Sniper

Sniper is also among the top 5 best sms sending software. Use Sniper in marketing campaigns for discounts, promotions, customer care…

Some functions of Sniper bulk messaging software:

– Actively set the time, speed and sending limit of each device

– Send mass messages with personalization by name of each person

– With just a few simple steps and a single interface in Vietnamese and registered copyright

– Send many messages with different content to 1 or more subscribers in an extremely short period of time.

Which SMS marketing software should I choose?

The article shared with you Top 5 best sms sending software in 2020. You can consider and use these software to support your marketing campaign. Helps increase campaign effectiveness quickly. Hope you soon find the best sms sending software for your business!

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