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Top 5 SEO mistakes that you should know to avoid

With the development of search engines, the most prominent one is Google today. SEO is an effective tool to help marketers reach customers quickly with search keywords.

Those who do SEO need to have good techniques, but often make some SEO mistakes follows:

1. Did not learn about the target audience carefully

Error In Seo 3 Did not understand the goal carefully

The first thing when embarking on SEO work is to have a clear understanding of the target audience.

Marketers need to understand how customers behave in the market, what they need or expect, what the outcome is for their question.

The basic mistake of many SEOs is to ignore the suggestions of search engines and users to choose sensible keywords.

So before you get to work, get to know the consumer market – What are the trends that are happening in the macro direction? Use both historical and real-time data to understand how customer behavior is changing.

2. No clear plan and roadmap

SEO people often forget that they need to set up an SEO plan and roadmap for each period and stage. For effective SEO, the more detailed and specific the roadmap, the better.

To create a plan and roadmap you need:

Break down major tasks into smaller ones and agree on goals for each item and other stakeholders.

Find technologies, tools, and platforms to support your workflow and strategy.

3. Create wrong or duplicate content

Many SEOs often only focus on ranking for a certain keyword but forget to focus the content on the target topic of the campaign.

Error Content Content error

The next mistake is copying and copying without changing the content, leading to ineffectiveness as set out goals.

It is acceptable to refer to ideas, but SEOs need to change the content and words to make the content independent, their own gray matter.

4. Website Speed

According to Google, website speed is also considered a ranking factor on search engines. It directly affects the user’s onsite time to stay on the site.

Trouble In Seo 1 Website clan

Normally, a website should only load for at least 2-3 seconds. Users will not wait for your website to load while there are countless other websites on the Internet. Websites that load too slowly can affect revenue too. Why?

Simply, users won’t stay on your website long enough to learn about your product/service. Obviously, the probability of them buying or using the service is not high.

5. URL structure problem

As your site grows, it’s easy to lose track of the URL structure and hierarchy. Poor structure makes it difficult for both users and bots to navigate. This will negatively impact your rankings.

  • Web structure issues and hierarchies
  • Not using proper directory structure and subdirectories
  • URLs that have special characters, capital letters, or are not useful for user search intent.

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