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Top 5 SMS marketing strategies to increase revenue for businesses

If you are planning a sms marketing strategy to drive revenue for your business, don’t skip this article.

1. Creative Content

Bulk SMS is an economical option for all businesses, the challenge arises when each business is focusing on increasing revenue through the same marketing channel to reach customers. With so many brands trying to reach customers’ inboxes, how does one stand out from the others?

Messages have a character limit of 160 characters, and multilingual gives you about half of that. 90% of text messages sent are read within the first 3 minutes after sending. Therefore, using long messages is not recommended.

Businesses need to tailor content according to their target audience and be creative in the content submitted as it makes your brand stand out from others.

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Words that sound far-fetched and complicated will only lead to confusion and your brand will eventually lose customers and money. It’s best to keep the content simple and creative.

2. Identify the target audience

With any campaign to achieve success, it is important to define who the target audience is. Once the target audience is identified, the next step will be to design an SMS Marketing campaign that is tailored to that audience. When determining the target audience, a combination of criteria such as age, gender, demographics, occupation, consumer interest in the product must be followed. the opportunity to reach the right target customers and bring better business performance.

3. Exclusive Offer

Customers are always looking for the best deals. You absolutely must not send worthless or meaningless offers. With the small but effective window available through SMS Marketing, it is important to capture the attention of customers with exclusive offers. These offers must be applied to multiple forms such as shopping online from an app, website or in-person store.

If they’re a returning customer who’s been shopping for quite some time, sending them an exclusive coupon via text message will keep them coming back to buy.

4. Personalization

Businesses should show personalization in their messages when sending to customers, for example adding the customer’s own name instead of calling them a generic customer. This will make customers believe in the sincerity of the business, and at the same time make customers feel that the information or promotion that the business sends them is exclusive to them, only they can get the promotion. forever there.

5. Use advanced platforms

Using the advanced platform offered by cloud telephony service providers is the best way to reach customers. They reduce manual tasks and automate processes by allowing the platform to trigger millions of messages in a day.

Cloud messaging platforms are not only guaranteed to deliver messages correctly, but are also user-friendly and provide complete control for businesses on how they want to be handled while deploying their campaigns. his translation.

A secure, flexible platform with guaranteed reliable millisecond messaging has enabled many businesses to choose cloud-based messaging platforms. They provide smart analytics and real-time data on number of messages sent, geolocation, number of mobile clients, details like browser used to open, timestamp of messages, along with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly message logs promote transparency in handling effective business communication.

Businesses also have the freedom to access any or all information from anywhere in the world as all information is stored in the Cloud securely and taking care not to violate customer privacy.

An effective SMS Marketing campaign will be like a powerful punch to help you boost sales significantly.

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