Top 5 websites and software that use SMS Receive Free very effectively in 2022

Are you looking for software and websites to use free SMS Receive Free service? Don’t miss the sites Lokas introduced below!

Top 5 websites and SMS Receive Free service software:

5sim – Website SMS Receive Free creates virtual phone numbers with multiple area codes

5sim is also in the Top of SMS Receive Free websites to create virtual numbers that are used by most people. Although the interface is a bit complicated, in return this website has a very fast page loading speed, receiving and sending messages. Therefore, 5sim has a huge amount of traffic and from many different countries.

To use a phone number from this website you need to register with a Google or Facebook account. Besides, you will also have to pay a fee to use. However, there are many people who use it because the fee is not too expensive compared to the benefits it brings. Moreover, the website also has rare area codes that many software do not have.

5Sim Website Sms Receive Free Calling Ao Nhieu Ma Vung

Textplus – The most popular SMS Receive Free App

Textplus is currently the most commonly used phone number generator application today. Virtual phone numbers created in this software can text and make calls. You can download it for free at your phone with two operating systems Android and iOS. This is one of the very useful SMS Receive Free apps you should not ignore.

Advantages of the application:

  • Make calls and texts anywhere in the world (WiFi only).
  • Allow to create area code according to the country you want
  • Allows you to set ringtones, change the interface as you like


 Textnow – App to create a free virtual phone number, easy to use

The next SMS Receive Free virtual number generator application that Lokas wants to introduce is Textnow. This application is no less than the “forerunner” Textplus. With outstanding features in terms of features, this software is also worth your installation. This application allows users to text and make free calls to many countries around the world. Besides, the number of phone numbers created on the app is unlimited.


Receive SMS Online – Website to create free phone numbers

If you don’t want to install any apps on your phone this is the site you are looking for. Receive SMS Online is a website that offers unlimited SMS Receive Free. Unlike the above applications, this website can only receive and send messages. However, it also gives you the phone numbers of many area codes in many countries around the world.


You can take advantage of it to make false verification calls to create various online services. In addition to using it to share the virtual smartphone number that receives incoming messages.

– These smartphone numbers are all shared. That means you will have to share information with many other people.
– Plus, it only offers phone numbers in the US or Canada.

How to use: To get it you just need to search google or visit the link “Receive SMS Online – Temporary SMS and Disposable Numbers” and then select the smartphone number of the country you want.

The above is one of the websites and applications used to use SMS Receive Free very effectively. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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