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Top 6 easy-to-understand Google algorithms to increase ranking 2022

Google is the smartest search engine today, but it’s still constantly improving its algorithm to grow. An SEOer who wants to make good results needs to master the  Google algorithms . From there, it helps to avoid mistakes and Google’s principles so that the SEO process is most effective. In this article are the core algorithms that you should know when doing website SEO.

1. What is Google Payments?

1.1 Concepts

Google algorithm is a common word for SEOers when optimizing websites. To better understand, you need to understand the concept of “algorithm” before analyzing in detail. An algorithm is a finite set of explicit instructions by which a problem can be followed to solve the problem.

Google Loss Concept of Google algorithm

Simply put, the Google algorithm is a set of algorithms and strict rules to help Google process data. The method of operation of the algorithm ensures that Google selects the results and ranks the search rankings on the website.

1.2 Inputs and Outputs

When searching, the most basic input is the Google Index and the output is the search engine results page (SERP). People often think of website information as input, on the contrary, search results are output. In fact, the process of Google crawling data and returning results when users search is quite complicated.

Lost Google 1 Google Algorithm Operation

Index is called Google’s index and is a collection of information arranged in Alphabetical tables. Similarly, Google Index is the process of classifying and organizing data from websites. Local data, social network is a collection of databases by Google.

The data will be classified into each data center region. From there, through the search engine, you will have the output of the SERP engine results page. In SEO, SERP is an important factor determining website rankings. For the purpose of bringing the most compatible content to users, SEO algorithms need to be constantly upgraded.

1.3 Rating and compatibility

In order for the website to rank high on search pages, SEOers need to optimize SEO in accordance with Google’s search algorithm. To do that, you need to pay attention to two basic steps: compatibility and ranking. One of the basic principles to help your website be evaluated and ranked high.

For the first step, Google will select the pages containing the content that match the search results and arrange them in order. Second, rank is a necessary condition in the operation of the algorithm. Website ranking high or low depends on Google’s ranking criteria.

1.4 Penalties and disavow

As an SEO professional, you need to follow the rules of Google’s webmaster guidelines. For example, Google applies a manual penalty to poor quality websites. To avoid a penalty from Google, you can check your website through Google Webmaster Tools.

Similarly, Disavow – full name is Google Disavow Backlink, a tool managed by network administrators. In the field of SEO, Backlink management is very important, which can affect the ranking of your website on the search page. Disavow tool was born to help administrators prevent black links and remove penalties from the algorithm.

2. Why should you understand the Google algorithm in doing SEO?

2.1 Google Algorithm for SEO

For SEOers, they are forced to constantly update information related to the SEO algorithm. In 2-3 months, the Google algorithm changes regularly and comes with new penalties. Understanding the rules of the algorithm will help you operate the website effectively and provide the best customer experience.

Google Loss 2 Google Algorithm in SEO

In some cases, many “black hat” SEOs still have tricks to avoid penalties from Google and increase page rankings. The abuse of keywords by SEOers will affect website rankings. However, the algorithm is constantly updating and instead of trying to “circle the law”, you should learn algorithmic techniques to avoid “heavy” penalties from the big Google.

2.2 Google Algorithm in Search

For those of you who do Content, understanding the operating principles of search engines makes the job more convenient. Google is the basic Search Engine used to retrieve data from the search item. Google’s search algorithm is one of the algorithms that helps users find keywords quickly and accurately.

Google Loss 3 Google Search Algorithm

Google’s search algorithm is always upgraded according to the needs of customers. Depending on many different factors, Google will provide results that are tailored to each individual’s wishes. If you understand Google’s search engine principles, your SEO articles will be of the best quality.

3. Learn 10 core Google algorithms that you must know when doing SEO

3.1 Google Panda Algorithm

How it works:  a content filter to ensure quality and increase website traffic.

How to tweak:  check the site regularly for duplicate content, thin content, and keyword stuffing.

To avoid violations when using the Google Panda algorithm, you need to pay attention to the following SEO errors and make sure the content being evaluated is up to quality standards:

  • The content is sketchy and duplicated with other pages.
  • Keyword abuse.
  • Contains too many ads.
  • Unreliable source of information.
  • Poor user experience.

Google Loss 4 Google Panda Algorithm

3.2 Google HummingBird (hummingbird) algorithm

How it works:  The Hummingbird algorithm helps Google better interpret search queries and provide results that match searcher intent. This algorithm helps to increase the user experience and create credibility for your website.

How to tweak:  Expand your keyword research and focus on the concepts behind the keywords. Carefully analyze related searches, synonyms, and co-occurring terms.

Some notes when using the hummingbird algorithm:

  • Quality content.
  • The website structure is clear.
  • Easy to understand keywords.
  • Optimize images for SEO standards.
  • Create variety in keywords on the website.
  • Build website content aimed at customers and clear topics.

Google Hummingbird 1 Google HummingBird Algorithm

3.3 Google RankBrain . Algorithm

How it works:  process and improve query results based on user intent.

How to adjust: This search algorithm helps to improve website rankings and bring search results to users in the best and fastest way.

Content marketers need to understand the following basics in the RankBrain algorithm:

  • Content lacks relevance.
  • Poor quality of user experience.

Lost Google 5 Google RankBrain Algorithm

3.4 Penguin’s Algorithm

How it works:  Google Penguin is to de-rank sites with unnatural-looking backlinks, helping to gauge poor quality content

How to fix it:  Penguin often imposes penalties on spammy links and SEOers who “circle the law”. Penguin updates are considered part of the core Google algorithm.

The Penguin algorithm mainly targets link spam, automated tactics or poor quality links. Please pay attention to the following factors to avoid receiving a Google penalty when using this algorithm:

  • Backlink contains inappropriate content.
  • Insert anchor text.
  • Poor quality link page.

Google Penguin 1 Penguin’s Algorithm

3.5 Google Pigeon Algorithm

The Pigeon algorithm is also known as the Pigeon algorithm.

How it works:  Google Pigeon is an algorithm that has a big influence on local search results. The purpose of the algorithm is to return results that are accurate and related to the user’s geographic location.

How to tune:  This search algorithm is focused on design giving search ranking parameters based on range and location.

Some important factors and notes when using Pigeon algorithm:

  • Correlation.
  • Distance and popularity.
  • Poor optimization will result in your site being penalized.
  • The website lacks citations and the contact information is unclear.

Google Pigeon Google Pigeon Algorithm

3.6 Mobile Friendly Algorithm

How it works:  This algorithm helps users gauge how mobile-friendly a site is.

How to tweak:  Optimize your pages for mobile search and focus on speed and usability. Consists of:

  • Large font, easy to read.
  • Simple interface.
  • Sufficient number of images.

Google Loss 6 Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Above are the core Google algorithms to help SEOer do SEO effectively and safely. Understanding how Google works is one of the important factors to run a website. Hope these useful knowledge of us will help you achieve good results when doing SEO website.

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