Top 6 reasons for running ineffective Facebook ads

Running  ineffective Facebook ads is an inevitable case for those who are just starting to use this form of advertising. In those cases, you will surely think running Facebook ads is not as easy as you think. But get rid of that thought immediately because the top 6 reasons why your Facebook ad campaign is not effective listed below will help you quickly solve that situation thoroughly. Immediately refer to this list of causes and immediately fix them for your campaign.

Top 6 reasons for running ineffective Facebook ads

1. Content that has not yet attracted customers

Content is one of the important factors that directly affects the effectiveness of Facebook ads because if the content does not hit the right customer psychology that you want to message, customers will not buy. To overcome this situation, before writing articles, you need to research about your target audience in terms of age, gender, interests, behavior, etc., thereby as a basis to have a suitable style. with content and attract customers.

Quang Cao Does Not Understand Qua Content that has not attracted customers

A good content and effective campaign must make customers when reading the content feel this content is dedicated to themselves, so that customers will want to learn more about you and your products. lead to easier buying decisions.

2. Campaign doesn’t have enough budget

While running ads on Facebook is often more affordable than other social media platforms like LinkedIn, you may experience poor performance if your budget is too low. Low or reduced impressions due to under-delivering by Facebook are clear indications of this.
Quang Cao Does Not Understand Through 1 Campaign not enough budget
While your actual campaign budget has a number of factors affecting cost (payment events, target audience, etc.), base prices for campaigns range from $2 – $10 per ads every day. This amount is typically provided to Facebook to be able to deliver your ads to a wide enough audience and collect statistically significant data.

3. Inappropriate image

In a Facebook ad campaign, the best companion of the content is the image. When the image is not suitable in both form and design, it also affects the effectiveness of the campaign. First of all, the design of the image needs to be adjusted to highlight the product you are offering to attract customers. Especially for products related to interior decoration, fashion, beauty, etc., images play an even more important role.

Next, it is about the size of the image. Facebook has a predefined standard size for images to run ads. If your campaign doesn’t work, you can review your image sizes for standards. The right image, will help customers get the best experience in terms of product images and easily attract more customers.

4. Target wrong object

In the process of running Facebook ads, one of the “difficult” steps for beginners is how to choose the right audience that they want to target. If you do not analyze and research customers through the Audience Insight tool in terms of geography, age, gender, interests, jobs, etc., this will easily lead to this cause. Therefore, as soon as the advertising campaign is not as effective as expected, you can immediately use this tool to re-analyze the customer you have chosen to be right with the customer you want to target or not.

Quang Cao Does Not Understand Qua 2 Target wrong object

5. The incentive program is not good

You’re running a 10% off sale, but a competitor might create a 15% off campaign. This will cause you to lose potential customers to competitors.

6. Choose the wrong time zone

Choosing the wrong time zone is a case most people make while running  Facebook ads  because usually few people think that time zones have a big impact on ad performance. But the reality shows that the opposite is that choosing a time zone determines when to start a new day for ads. To check if you have selected the correct time zone, you can go to the Facebook Business page.


With these 6 typical reasons why your Facebook ad campaign isn’t working, you can start tweaking your ad to make it the best fit. Good luck!

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