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Top 9 important SEO factors that contribute to the success of SEO

To do SEO effectively, businesses need to understand SEO factors. Each project will have a different situation. In order for the project to deliver the best results, the reader should have a clear understanding of the important characteristics that make up a large part of the implementation process. Here are 9 important SEO factors . Stay tuned for details now!

1. How important is the SEO factor?

SEO is a huge encyclopedia of many elements. For SEOs, it is quite difficult to know which factors are most important, which factors should only be paid attention to and not necessarily paid much attention to. So what SEO factors are important and need special attention?

Here are 2 criteria by which we evaluate SEO factors that are considered important:

  • How do SEO factors impact user experience?
  • How does SEO factor affect Google?

Based on those two aspects, which are the top important SEO factors.

User experience is the most important aspect. Because it’s the backbone of Google, it’s the community of Google, where Google generates revenue from advertising.

2. Top 9 important SEO factors that contribute to SEO success

2.1 Contents – the top core SEO factor

Content is the first important factor. Content is something that brings real value to users about us through the way we present content, how we present it, as well as differentiate it from other competitors that are on the top of Google.

Quality content is considered a key factor to the success of an SEO project. Content owns the message conveyed by the writer to the user. Content provides useful knowledge announcements, service/product PR, reviews, etc. Described in many different ways, combined with emotional elements that stimulate the reciprocal interaction between readers and the article. write.

Content 1 Content is the most important factor in SEO

Quality content directly affects the user experience when they read on our website. The value that a quality content post brings is not only the normal value but also the credibility of the information, in terms of the brand. Therefore, when talking about the Content element, it is imperative to go with high accuracy.

Importance:  10/10

To write an SEO standard content, you need to keep a few points in mind:

  • Sapo contains the main keyword appearing in the first / middle sentence, ensuring a length of 3-4 lines.
  • Each sentence in the body of the article ensures the complete subject and predicate. Besides, the body must also contain 3-4 main, secondary or related keywords. Present the correct heading of each section.
  • The end of the article should be short, with the main keyword repeated.

2.2 Onpage – extremely important technical SEO factor

It can be said that Onpage is the core element in seo. For Onpage SEO to be effective, you must optimize Technical (a term used in economics) in the page such as Title, Meta Title, Heading tags (H1,H2,H3), keyword density, keywords. Onpage is a direct optimization solution that not only makes your website search engine friendly, but also increases user experience.

Seo On Page Onpage – the core element in SEO

Regarding the Onpage factor, it carries a very large weight, if it was 4-5 years ago. The simple reason is that Google relies on a lot of other factors to evaluate, the importance of onpage is less and less every day. Although the importance of the Onpage factor has decreased now, it still has an indispensable role when doing SEO.

Sometimes you should not focus too much on Onpage because Onpage in general I think it is not difficult.

Importance:  5/10

Currently, there is a lot of material about Onpage element on Google and understanding then applying is quite easy for most people. Therefore, the importance of Onpage is only half that of the Content element.

2.3 Structure – the core SEO element of structure

Structure is always evaluated by SEODO as one of the most important factors. Because an article structure not only has a strong impact on the user experience, but also has a great impact on the experience of the Google Bot. If the website structure or content structure is not clear, both users and Google will not fully understand the topic of the website, what your article is talking about, users will be confused when they do not know they are viewing. what’s on your website or what you’re selling.

Cau Truc Website Website structure

From our point of view, structure is always something that we have to design for and for the customer. Because customer behavior cannot be automated, it directly affects our customer experience, so it is extremely important to design the perfect structure.

There are two types of structures:

  • Website structure
  • Content structure

Importance:  8/10

2.4 Social – SEO factor of traffic

This is an element that the SEO community is not difficult to come across. It is quite popular in the world but it has little effect on the ranking of your website.

The simple Social element will give us a set of backgrounds and trust levels for us to promote other elements such as Content, Onpage will promote its inherent effectiveness.

You market content in the form of blogs, eBooks, videos, and infographics, providing valuable knowledge to users. When potential customers see the content you share, they will spend time reading and learning, which means longer time on the site.

From there, the Google Bot will get the signal and rank the article’s keyword higher. This is called the Rankbrain algorithm. Once users have confidence in your website, Social is the means to help them share content with others. Website increases traffic by increasing the number of potential customers.

Social Seo 1 Social in SEO

Importance:  5/10

Note that you don’t have to focus on Social. Many projects do not need to do Social, mainly social factors only indirectly affect other factors and it does not affect too much.

2.5 Onsite – SEO factor to optimize the whole site

On-site is a core element in seo, the overall purpose of improving and optimizing the website. At the same time, On-site also adjusts the elements on the website to help search engines easily crawl, understand the content and structure on the web. The more information you collect, the higher your website will rank on search engines.

To optimize SEO-onsite well, you need to perform items such as creating and updating site maps, creating and updating Robot.txt files, installing Google Analytics tools, optimizing images, optimizing URLs, Title, Meta Description , Heading tags, optimizing internal links, checking and handling duplicate website cases, etc.

I Uu Hoa Seo On Site Onsite

Importance:  4/10

The effect of the Onsite element will most likely not be as expected. But the advantage is that it does not take too much time, we should still do to ensure everything as well as the certainty of the website.

2.6 Speed ​​– SEO factor about website loading speed

Speed ​​here is the actual loading speed of the website, not the Page speed index of the weak onpage.

Speed ​​does not affect keyword ranking much but is evaluated in favor of user experience. Pages with long load times typically have higher bounce rates and low average time on page.

Furthermore, slow page speed means less site crawling by search engines which can negatively affect your indexing.

Toc Do Website Speed

Importance:  8/10

Please optimize the speed for the website. Especially in mobile devices, mobile – something that is often forgotten when optimizing speed.

2.7 Domain – Domain SEO factor

Domain is the domain name, identifier of a company or organization or individual expressed through the website name on the website. Domain is considered as the core factor in seo. Brand domain is very beneficial for customers to remember your brand name. Some typical examples are seodo.vn, thegioididong.com, shoppe.vn,,….

Level of importance:  2/10

2.8 Backlink – SEO factor about links

Backlinks play an important role in the sustainable development of a website. Websites with quality content and links can rank in the top positions of Google compared to sites with great content without links, because of weak link profiles. Backlinks become a core SEO factor that can provide the extra push needed for a website to rank up.

Backlinks 1 Backlinks

Level of importance:  9/10

It is necessary to understand backlinks to be able to use them effectively. Depending on the user, the purpose of use that Backlink can bring into full effect. What is a good, long-term, quality backlink?

2.9 User Signal – SEO factor to evaluate user experience

Simply put, User Signal is an element of user experience, deep research and optimization of their behavior on the website through content, interface, and features. The purpose of User Signal is not only to help the website to TOP quickly and stably, but also to optimize the purchase conversion rate.

So, user experience not only improves keyword rankings, but also improves website sales. User Signal seo factors include main components such as Time on site, Click through rate, Bounce rate, etc.

Yeu To Cot Loi In Seo 08 User Speed

Importance:  8.5/10

In order to optimize User Signal (user experience), it requires us to be more meticulous in the remaining factors such as content presentation, layout, onsite presentation, etc.

In addition, you should learn more reading skills to understand user behavior through measurement indicators. From there, optimize their experience from those metrics.

We hope that, after referring to the sharing of 9 important SEO factors and their importance, will help you visualize an overview of how to build a quality website. SEO is an effective and cost-effective online sales solution that helps your business break through its business and surpass its competitors.

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