Use the Verify SMS service and applications of this type of message

Verify SMS service is also known as OTP sms service . It is an integrated string of numbers and letters that can only be used once. This code is limited to a very short period of time.

About Verify SMS service:

Verify SMS service is sent from the website / network system of the enterprise directly to the user’s subscribers via SMS when logging in or registering an account information. Without this code, the buyer will not be able to identify the account information as his.

Verify SMS service sent to end users for the purpose of identifying account information. With the growing 4.0 technology era, the need to protect personal account information is higher to avoid being harassed by hackers. Because the bad guys can completely take advantage of the information security holes of these account information to steal important information. And based on the constant growth of mobile devices, which are seen as human-friendly physical objects – sending Verify messages for 2-factor authentication, keeping each person’s personal account information secure. is necessary.


What are the applications of Verify SMS service?

It can be said that the Verify SMS service has been an entertainment activity that helps to protect the safety and keep the privacy of personal information with high performance. The application in industries and forms of Verify is also growing and completing. And these are the most popular applications of the Verify SMS service:

  • Verify SMS service application in biometric technology (fingerprint, face), authentication of personal information (ID card, birth certificate, confirmation certificate, …).
  • 2-layer security application of Google, Facebook.
  • Verify information via phone number or OTP code for banking transactions.
  • Codes on the online shopping platform to verify that you have received the discount/free shipping code.
  • Antivirus software, computer security, disk protection and malicious file intrusion prevention.


Types of current Verify SMS services:

Verify code

Strange but familiar, we have all encountered a lot of Verify code without knowing how to distinguish. Actually, Verify code (or Verification code) is a sequence of numbers (usually 4 or 6 digits regardless of 0 to 9) sent by the supplier to protect all entertainment and information activities of users. use confidential information to ensure safety. We can completely receive this code through payment transactions, online purchases or identifying phone numbers when creating an account information on a new application. This is a type of SMS Verify service that people encounter most often.

Verify email

This is an entertaining activity to help you remove junk emails (malformed emails, non-surviving emails, unused emails …) from your email list. Besides, Verify email is also understood that you will be sent an email with a link to confirm whether your email is the original email or not.

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What is OTP code?

In addition to Verify code and Verify email, Lokas also introduces you to a type of code commonly used in the Verify process. That’s OTP Code, this is an acronym for One Time Password (one time use password). The lifetime of the OTP code is also very short, usually within 30 seconds, after this time the code will no longer be valid, forcing the user to get another code to complete his operation.

Why does Verify Facebook send messages by phone number but not by email?

When we need a confirmation code to reset our password or to protect the security of our Facebook account information against the potential risk of being hacked, we all often receive a confirmation code sent to our phone number. touch. So why is the Verify SMS service sent to the smartphone number but not through the Gmail account information? The answer is because when registering we all often use our personal smartphone number to set up new Facebook account information and receive a 2-layer information security identification code to increase the level of security. protect personal information. However, in case we do not receive the confirmation code via smartphone number (lost touch phone, damaged sim, …), we can all still use the ID card to send Facebook confirmation and re-grant access. And when Verify via email,

These are the information to keep in mind when using the Verify SMS service, hopefully the article will bring you a lot of useful information!

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