Using Facebook advertising service for cosmetics, how to not be fooled?

Cosmetics industry in recent years is becoming HOT. The Facebook advertising service for cosmetics also began to bloom to meet the needs of businesses to reach customers. However, not all service providers are reputable and of the same quality as what they promised you at the time of consultation. There have been many customers who lost their money when using Facebook advertising services for cosmetics because they were gullible and did not learn carefully before cooperating.

So how to use Facebook advertising services for cosmetics wisely, both effectively and to optimize costs for businesses? Please refer to the article below with Lokas to avoid being cheated when using Facebook advertising services for cosmetics!


Be careful when using Facebook advertising services for cosmetics:

Commitment to sales when using Facebook advertising services for cosmetics:

Lokas has met many customers contacting for service advice, and almost every customer asked the same question: “Is there any commitment?”. Lokas would like to assure you that marketing is just a tool to help you reach customers more easily and quickly. Facebook advertising service for cosmetics is not something too divine, but running will have orders and customers buy exactly the amount you want. If that’s true, your competitors can too!


Facebook advertising service for cosmetics will help businesses break through if you have good strategic thinking, your content is attractive, the way you advise customer care is convincing, your budget has enough customer files. , the product you have the difference and dozens of other conditions. And we have to optimize it every day and every hour to get the best results.

Focusing on quality will you close how many customers, how many orders? Some places will commit to you about the number of ibox visitors and comments, but in that number, what is your success rate? Committed to 30 ibox customers a day, every day enough for the right number of ibox customers but you can’t close any orders, ibox customers you reply back then no reply. Did you try to check the guest account, 80% is virtual acc to the interaction. So the service side has achieved the commitment and you have not yet!

Lokas does not commit to you the quantity, but assures you that each customer Lokas brings is 100% real and completely quality. In addition, Lokas also supports free strategic consulting for customers’ reference.

Soak advertising money:

When businesses have problems in creating ads like restricted accounts, BM is limited. Fanpage is locked and you can’t find a way to handle it, then these Facebook advertising service providers for cosmetics appear as a savior.

They ask nothing about your product or service. Also with lots of commitments and lots of reassurances and urges you to move the money quickly. After receiving the money, if you do not “follow Uncle Chom”, find 7749 reasons to make an excuse for installing ads.


Sometimes customers confided to Lokas: “Sometimes I contacted other services, promised to commit to everything, but it hasn’t been running for a month, but now I can’t contact it, so I’m looking for it. to your company”. Working with Lokas, you can rest assured that everything will have a clear contract, no empty promises, always professional so that customers can use the service with peace of mind.

If you meet the right company that provides Facebook advertising services for reputable cosmetics, after signing the contract and transferring money, it only takes 24 hours for the ad to be delivered (1 day is the time for Facebook to review). and ad approval). As for the receiving parties that leave it for too long, lasting for a week or even a month, there is a high chance that you have encountered a scammer.

In addition, when you encounter any problems in advertising, do not believe the enthusiastic temptations to check your account, be careful, you will lose both your lead and your fishing! Do not teamview or let anyone access the fanpage and system to avoid fraudulent accounts.

Not only in the case of using facebook advertising services for cosmetics, but in any industry, you must be very attentive and alert to realize the problem!

Above are the experiences that Lokas wants to share with you from Lokas customers. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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