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Virtual PBX solution for companies with many branches

For companies with many branches, the installation Virtual PBX solution for companieswith many branches  is very important and necessary to serve the business operations more smoothly and professionally. Therefore, at present, the number of companies with many branches has an increasing need to install switchboards.

1. What are the benefits of the PBX solution?

With a virtual PBX solution, businesses do not have to pay for maintenance and management like the traditional switchboard before. All with free vendor support.

How To Give The Company So Much Faster Cost Benefits of virtual PBX

Businesses do not need to invest in an automatic answering system or a dial guide system. Because the switchboard allows easy system management and call navigation. In any location, whether it is different departments, domestic or foreign branches and even at home or outside a cafe, you can receive calls as long as you have an internet connection. Not only that, when using, branches nationwide and around the world can combine for free, many people can talk at the same time easily. The virtual PBX is also compatible with SIP standard IP phones of many different brands.

2. Features of virtual PBX

Virtual PBX was born as a new solution to help businesses, companies and organizations overcome the difficulties they are facing when installing a traditional switchboard. Features of the virtual PBX include:

How To Get A Big Deal For The Company With A Quick Cost 1 Features of virtual PBX

  • Easy system administration, configuration settings just through the internet or specialized software without requiring expensive equipment installation.
  • Manage the call list well, fix missed calls when the system receives many incoming calls at the same time
  • Automatic call recording makes it easy for businesses to check and review when needed.
  • Equipped with advanced voice features such as: call storage, calls between 3 phones, voice messages, number transfer, call blocking, etc. to help businesses effectively exploit the switchboard line.
  • Easily integrated with advanced software to serve the diverse needs of businesses today.
  • Easily add more terminals when there is a need to install a new contact.
  • Automatically set greetings, guide to change numbers for customers to actively contact the department that needs support.
  • The system is easily expanded without requiring a lot of manpower and material resources in installation and operation.

3. Virtual PBX solution for companies with many branches

When the traditional switchboard system has revealed “holes” that are no longer suitable for the general development of society. Virtual PBX solution was born to completely overcome the above limitations. Fill in the “holes” that the switchboard has not been able to do before, specifically:

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Business 2 Virtual PBX solution for companies with many branches

  • No registration or installation costs.
  • 100% support for the entire PBX system.
  • Lifetime warranty when there are problems related to equipment.
  • Save money and don’t need expert system administrators.
  • Set up an auto-answer system and guide dialing to extension or voicemail, etc.
  • Employees do not need to be on duty at the office, can always receive customer calls anytime, anywhere.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of using a virtual PBX for a company with many branches

4.1 Benefits of applying a switchboard solution

This service allows businesses to not need to maintain personnel. As well as the operator of the switchboard system. All administrative work, configuration settings. All are through the internet with a web browser. And use the existing intranet system of the enterprise.

This is the most optimal solution for businesses with many fixed branches. Or not fixed when using the internal telephone exchange.

The PBX solution allows to use internal conversations without incurring any costs. Thereby helping businesses minimize personnel management costs. As well as the cost of system maintenance. As such, it is perfectly suitable for almost all types of businesses.

4.2 Difficulties for businesses when not applying call center solutions

  • Internal links between departments and branches are interrupted or difficult.
  • Calling charges and fees for regular calls or other traditional methods of communication.
  • There is no synchronization between contacts between departments, difficult to manage and use.
  • It is difficult for customers to contact or meet specialized departments to properly solve their problems.
  • Cannot store as well as manage call data, call history.
  • The customer care process is fragmented and inconsistent.

5. The process of installing a virtual switchboard for a company with many branches

How To Get A Big Deal For The Company With A Quick Cost 3 The process of installing a virtual PBX for a company with many branches

Step 1:  The staff receives the installation request and information from the customer and then arranges a time to come to the installation site to survey the overall map of the place where you want to install the switchboard.

Step 2:  Consulting and designing for customers to choose the right product for their company. Next calculate the number of wires and gel tubes to each location for installation.

Step 3:  Conduct a system quote and proceed with the construction and installation of a switchboard system for a company with many branches when the customer agrees with the plan to proceed.

Step 4:  Perform handover and acceptance test, instruct customers to use, operate and maintain the switchboard system.

Step 5:  Make a payment invoice and deliver the warranty service slip of the switchboard system to the customer.

Step 6 : Take care of customers after performing installation services such as: monitoring the system’s operation and handling problems arising during the operation of the switchboard.

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