Ways to run Facebook ads for free not everyone knows

How to run Facebook ads for free is a topic of much interest, especially for small and medium-sized business owners. So how to break through revenue with how to run free Facebook ads? Let’s find the answer with Lokas through the article below!

Summary of how to run Facebook ads for free:

Normally, if you want to run ads on Facebook, you need to create a monthly budget. As for how to run effective Facebook ads for free , it means that you do not have to spend any money, do not need to spend budget on running ads and still find many customers.

But is the idea of ​​finding a way to run Facebook ads for free even? Really, if you always aim to run ads on Facebook for free, how will Facebook find revenue and profit to maintain its social networking platform.

Advertising is the easiest way for you to reach customers. Usually to use this service you will need a budget. However, that is not always the case, you can completely find ways to run Facebook ads for free. The remaining problem here is just how to run, who shows you, who shares experiences and techniques on how to run free Facebook ads.


Why should you try running Facebook ads for free?

– Promote advertising activities, introduce to as many potential customers on Facebook

– Promote the development of the brand on Facebook, help the brand be known by more people, be better recognized

And with how to run Facebook ads for free, you can accomplish both of these goals without having to spend any fees. To put it simply, free advertising means that you can still reach customers at no cost

Ways to run free facebook ads effectively:

Post on fanpage and large group

With this way of running free Facebook ads, join groups with a large number of members, your right customers, and post sales on the group. You need to become an active member, often interact, post useful posts for group members, it will be easier to skillfully introduce your products.

Advantages:  The Fanpage and Group system often has a large number of members, so there is a huge potential market for you.

Cons:  Usually Pages and Groups will limit or may not allow posting ads, so you will have trouble in this regard.

This way is suitable for small businesses or supports a larger advertising campaign of the business.


Advertising on personal page

With this form, you have to create a personal account on Facebook, then start making friends in large numbers, when you reach 1000-3000 friends, start advertising products. You need to carefully learn the facebook algorithm, or the appropriate posting time frames to be able to sell the best products.

Advantages:  this way is quite simple but difficult to make long-term sales because in the early stages your customers are usually relatives or friends.

Cons:  Difficult to reach a large number of potential customers because the maximum number of friends is only 5000 friends.

With this way of running free facebook ads, it is only suitable for business models with little capital, individuals … products such as clothes, cosmetics, portable goods…

Build fanpage, group

This is one of the most effective free facebook advertising methods that many people choose. You just need to build yourself fan pages, groups of people who are interested. This will help you reach many free, stable and long-term customers.


Using the tool auto

Auto tools will help you find potential markets on facebook, post mass posts without having to post time consuming, or seeding for you. In essence, auto tools are software that do tasks such as: automatically searching groups by keywords; automatically make friends, comment, like, share, post statuses; automatically send a series of articles to the group; automatically get email addresses, uid of members in fanpage or group.

Advantages:  You will save time and effort because the auto tools do that task.

Cons:  Easy to be soam, once detected facebook will lock your account.

Although the forms of running free facebook ads on the website can save you some budget, it is not long-term and your reach is not great.

If your business needs advice on running Facebook ads, please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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