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What are 1800 and 1900 switchboards? Benefits of using 1800 and 1900 . switchboards

The convenient, economical and modern 1800 and 1900 switchboards are considered the optimal solution for today’s businesses. So what are the advantages of 1800 and 1900 switchboards? Check out the article below!

What is the 1800 number?

The 1800 number  or  the 1800 switchboard  is a toll-free number. The number is usually for customer care and technical support businesses. The 1800 switchboard  is widely used by businesses in customer care to bring the feeling of being fully served to customers.


What is the number 1900?

The 1900 switchboard  is a customer care switchboard that is widely used in Vietnam  But besides that, there are many customers who want to install a 1900 switchboard but do not know what the 1900 switchboard is, what the 1900 switchboard is for, what its benefits are…

Tong Dai 1800 Va 1900 La Jpy

The number 1900  is a number for commercial entertainment business services. The number 1900 is uniform nationwide, charges for calling and discounts for businesses.

Benefits of using 1800 and 1900

Increase professionalism for businesses and organizations

1900 and 1800 numbers help businesses take better care of customers and increase sales for businesses. Businesses only own a number that is easy to remember and professional when taking care of customers. The switchboard number will be able to redirect calls, helping the business hotline number not to fall into congestion when many customers call.

The ability to expand unlimited number of telephony receivers and can be used anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Integrated management via Call Center software and Sales Hotline

The next benefit of the hotline 1900 and 1800 is unlimited concurrent calls thanks to the integration of IP PBX system and Call Center customer care software. The 1900 and 1800 switchboards have the ability to record calls for the convenience of quality control managers. Businesses only need to manage a single phone number.

No need to add area code

Hotline 1900 and 1800 will solve that problem. The hotline number 1900 and 1800 is a nationwide unified phone number, no need to add area code, no need to change number when changing business address.

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