What are the benefits of using the Ads FB service for businesses?

In a time when digital technology plays a very important role in promoting and digital growth for businesses, Ads FB is a powerful and effective marketing tool, especially for businesses. medium and small in Vietnam. So what value does facebook ads bring to businesses? Please read with Lokas to find out through the article below!

Ads fb is an effective communication tool with customers

The messaging behavior of users has changed a lot in recent times, the traditional form of conversational texting via sms has decreased significantly. In Vietnam, with the development of the internet, connecting 3g, 4g, or wifi has made most of the conversations usually done through popular applications such as Skype, Zalo, Line, google chat, etc. viber ,.. and the indispensable name is Facebook Messenger, a tool that you always use every day to exchange and communicate with friends, groups, relatives and even when there is a need to buy and use products. service.

Through Ads fb Messenger, businesses can directly provide timely information and advice to customers about products and services that they have questions about, need business support to answer as quickly as possible. , or even Messenger is also a channel to help sales teams close sales effectively. Obviously, with an overwhelming amount of information every day, your customers can easily pass up without immediate support, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the Ads fb Messenger platform to get more customers.


Besides, there is the birth of chatbot – A tool built on the Ads fb Messenger platform, helping businesses automate the sales process right on this messaging platform. Chatbot can replace even consultants in answering customer questions, closing sales, taking care of customers, or implementing incentive programs, .. helping businesses maintain good relationships with customers. old and get as many potential customers as possible.

Ads fb provides information about businesses to customers

With page management features of Ads fb (Facebook Page / Fanpage) to help potential customers know who you are, what products and services do you provide, serve their needs properly or not? …through the regular publication and posting of quality content, carefully invested images and videos, helping to impress customers. Adding detailed information about your website, phone number, location, store and product can help users easily interact and increase the credibility of the business. However, it should be noted that while using this marketing medium, social networks are always a double-edged sword, messages will be widely shared at a very fast speed, so the posting of content should be moderated. more carefully,


Diverse and attractive ad formats

Ads fb maximizes support for advertisers with today’s eye-catching and attractive ad formats such as carousel, single image/video, gallery (instant experience) and ad formats. then). With these ad formats, you can easily create your image, video, or product collections in a variety of styles.

Extremely detailed audience targeting

With the overwhelming advantage of the number of users, Facebook can then fully and fully exploit the user’s information and divide it into groups according to different demographics, interests and behaviors. allows advertisers to use this information to target their ads (note that Facebook only provides targeting options to advertisers to make it easier for them to reach the right audience) The potential they want, not Facebook selling your personal information to the outside like email – phone number out)
It can be said that Ads fb is one of the channels with the most detailed targeting in the Digital advertising market. Marketing today with all the targeting parameters such as:

– Location

– Age

– Gender

– Language

– Interests

– Behavior

– Education

– Marital status

– Title

As a result, you can control what elements you want your potential customers to have in order to show ads to the right people, at the right time.


 Various advertising display channels

Ads fb is not only a place to help you set up advertising campaigns on the Facebook platform, but it also allows you to run ads on other Facebook-owned platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and many subscription sites. be a partner of Facebook on the Internet. As a result, you have the opportunity to reach more potential customers and increase the coverage of your brand on the Internet.

Through this, we have also partly understood the benefits that Facebook Marketing activities bring to businesses in promoting the growth in sales and profits, higher than the brand value if invested in. and properly optimized.

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