What are the conditions for advertising website to achieve the best effect?

A website only shows its preeminent features, flexible and intelligent functions when they are put into practical use. In order to attract a large number of customers to visit your website, it is important that you create an advertising website, PR, introduce your web with as wide a scale as possible, but the cost you spend must be high. is as little as possible. Is it difficult to do that? The answer is not difficult if you really know the method. In this article, Lokas will introduce to you how to advertise your website effectively, scientifically with low cost.

In order for a website to have a good effect, it needs to have a lot of factors, of which the most important factor is that the website must be eligible to run ads. But how to know if your website is eligible or not? What are the eligibility factors to run website ads, Lokas will share with you the factors to evaluate whether the website is eligible or not.

Design SEO standard advertising website

Website advertising must be displayed on all devices, have full description of products and services, focus keywords. The website is as simple as possible without being too colorful, the content is clear and coherent. Website may only need one page to make a landing page (Landing page), not necessarily many pages, it is important that the message conveyed to customers must be attractive and meet the needs of customers.


Standard SEO website is:

    • Website with standard SEO structure  Some websites accidentally made it difficult for Google Bot to find or find full content on the website.
    • Elements of good content: The content that users see and the content that Google sees are very different, so the advertising website needs to have technical elements to help Google understand the website better (this is the main part of the website). of SEO – technical website optimization).
    • Website is easy to understand: you should think of putting yourself as a customer, making a website for users first, for Google bots later. Actually thinking according to the user or according to the bot is the same, sometimes we mistakenly think that something in the SEO standard is optimal for the bot, that is what confuses us.

The content of the advertising website must contain relevant keywords

This is a very important factor when you run ads, google will collect information of the website to display to customers. So, before running an ad, you must make a keyword plan, write a clear description for each keyword and transfer important content to the website.

Noi-Dung-Website-Quang-Cao-Phai-Chua-Tu- Khoa-Lien-Quan

At this time, when running ads, google will appreciate the website and keywords, your advertising costs will be greatly reduced. Because visibility is related to the relevancy score of the ad website by the following formula:


Website loading speed is fast

The images on the website must be optimized as possible, the larger the file size, the slower the website will load, so try to compress the images on the web to be less heavy, the glare speed will be faster. Use image optimization tools while preserving image quality. Web speed must be optimized, especially on mobile, because the number of customers accessing advertising through mobile devices is quite large.


Note for new websites, the first time running ads will be a bit slower because it takes time for google to evaluate the ads and information on the website to display to search customers. So the first time when running ads without customers, please calm down, don’t be discouraged.

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