What industries is SMS messaging service suitable for in 2022?

SMS messaging service  is one of the most effective and cost-effective forms of marketing for businesses today. And especially the following industries must use SMS marketing to increase revenue for businesses.

What is SMS service?

SMS service, also known as SMS Marketing. The SMS service is an easy, intuitive and cost-effective way to reach its customers by sending text messages to participating customer contacts. SMS service is the fastest way to get in touch with your target audience.

Which field is SMS messaging service suitable for?

Health care should use SMS service

The healthcare industry uses SMS messaging services more for brand and customer support solutions. Statistics show that 76% of people worldwide would love to be reminded of their medical appointments.

Healthcare providers are cutting costs and saving time with appointment reminders, reschedules, and follow-ups by joining SMS service.

In particular, in the recent SMS Marketing campaign, healthcare providers focused on motivational messages for patients, reminders about taking medication, side effects of drugs and blood donation information.


Marketing and Communication

With this business field, SMS messaging service is especially loved and widely used.

SMS messaging services are primarily part of the marketing mix for businesses and brands to attract, promote and drive results through mobile marketing campaigns.

Promotional tactics like coupon codes, flash sales, VIP events, loyalty programs, and promotions are some of the ways SMS marketing is being used to create optimal business value. It can be said that SMS messaging services are very powerful when it comes to customer engagement and interaction with media brands.

New Year's Eve


Schools, colleges and universities are using SMS messaging services to better engage and connect with their students and staff. Research shows that texting students can improve admissions rates, retention, and motivating and inspiring students with positive messages.

In addition, students engaged in texting have higher engagement rates than email and phone. SMS notifications for exam dates, assignments, event changes, etc. work perfect for communicating with students. SMS service is also being used to communicate with parents and teachers upon request.

HR and Recruitment 

Employers use SMS messaging services to communicate with candidates, schedule interviews, and send job announcements. With SMS, recruiters can get close to hundreds of candidates and employees with the click of a button.



Hospitality businesses are increasing their revenue by using SMS Marketing to attract customers, increase loyalty and provide customer service.

Reservation confirmation messages are one of the most used SMS marketing services in this industry. In addition, booking, cancellation and registration reminders are also usually done by SMS.

Customer Service and Call Center

47% of consumers say that texting can improve their overall satisfaction through customer support. SMS service helps the service business sector to update its customers with important information. At the same time, you can also improve the customer experience by integrating SMS service with other solutions such as voice calls, Email, etc.

Besides, 64% of consumers prefer customer service via SMS because it gives them comfort and convenience. Take advantage of high SMS open rates and ask for product feedback or customer satisfaction scores to help improve overall customer support.

Above are the top areas that should use SMS service to increase professionalism for businesses and great experiences for customers. Hope the article will bring you useful information. Need advice on marketing solutions, please contact Lokas immediately for a free consultation!

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