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What is a call center switchboard? 5 benefits for businesses

Call Center is no stranger to businesses in helping to improve the quality of customer care services So what is a call center switchboard? What benefits does it bring to the business? The following article will help businesses have a better overview of this service.

What is Call Center?

  1. Concept

Call Center is an easy-to-use customer care switchboard that integrates billing software, upgrades to unlimited numbers, easy-to-use Vietnamese software, and easy to manage calls and view. call back. Call Center solution is built on IP platform, using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology.

The origin of the Call Center (also known as the customer care center) stems from the need to contact and support information for customers via voice communication channels.

The system consists of CTI software and equipment, providing customer service, coordinating, managing and monitoring the Call Center process of transactions by phone lines of an organization.

  1. Classify

There are two common types of Call Center:

  • Inbound Call Center: Is a Call Center that is responsible for receiving information for businesses, usually calls for support or information requests from business customers. Telephone Call Centers are an example of an Inbound Call Center.
  • Outbound Call Center: Is a Call Center that makes sales, advertising, marketing, market research, debt collection calls, etc. It can be simply understood that Outbound Call Center focuses mainly on making calls. call from the business out.

Benefits for businesses

  1. Customer care call center – quick customer support

Call center receives all requests of customers. As a result, employees can quickly deal with customer problems.

Calls through the PBX are computer-based, so the customer service staff will find it more convenient and easier. For example, an incoming call is a customer who has used the service of the business, the customer’s profile will be displayed on the computer, which helps to minimize the service time of each caller and the professionalism as well. higher.

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Instead of using the landline switchboard model as before, the call center also uses mobile phones as hotlines, improving the customer’s response rate. Therefore, sales staff can take care of customers anytime, anywhere.

  1. Quality control of sales staff

Using the customer care switchboard, all calls are recorded and stored in the call history. Thanks to that, administrators can easily control the quality of employees and promptly have a plan to solve if there are any problems.

Tourism businesses with the characteristics of many customers, many bookings, using a customer care call center is a good investment. Hopefully with the above advantages, businesses will have more information for reference in this field.

  1. Easy internal connection

Using the customer care switchboard, businesses can install for the entire company system so that the connection between departments is faster and easier.

Call center is an internal switchboard that helps businesses save a lot of costs because travel businesses often have to communicate regularly between departments.

  1. Show professionalism

Many businesses have chosen the switchboard for the more effective cskh option

When using the call center, businesses can easily set up automatic answer mode, transfer the phone to branches or notify (timeout, instructions for choosing branches, etc.). This shows the professionalism of the business and customers will also be more satisfied with calling any hotline number without knowing which department they are talking on the phone with.

  1. Increase sales

Through the call center, sales can consult services, exchange product information, invite guests to attend seminars.

This is a low-cost but effective form of selling, especially when telemarketing with customers who have purchased products. Thereby, increasing sales and strengthening the brand with customers.

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