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What is a contact center and what are its benefits for businesses?

Call center or customer contact center solution is a term often used to refer to the customer care department. So what is call center? Let’s find out through the article below!

What is contact center?

Contact Center (also known as customer interaction center or electronic contact center) is the central point in the enterprise apparatus, managing all connections with customers. A typical Contact Center usually includes one or more online call centers, and other connection methods such as email, fax, IVR or web chat, etc. multi-dimensional marketing strategy of the enterprise.

Target users, characteristics and features of the contact center

User object

– Public service providers (electricity, water, Internet, banking, insurance, etc.)

– Service consulting companies, product advertising…

The required public information to build a Contact Center system includes:

– Phone number of the center, customer care hotline 1900/1800

– Email technical support or advice

Law Ich Contact Center 2

– Live Support support link on the company’s website

Features of the contact center solution

Contact Center is a solution built on the basis of IP technology through connection channels such as voip, SMS, Chat, Email, Website…

Contact Center allows businesses to deploy customer care, provide economic information,

services… through online consultation, fee lookup…

Features of Contact Center solution

– IP-based smart reply

– SIP technology based on Asterisk’s open source platform

– Multi-channel voice communication such as Web, fax, email…

– Video conference and audio conference on IP . platform

What are the benefits that a contact center brings to businesses?

  1. Bring the best customer care service
  2. Unified customer profile information
  3. Receive and process information quickly

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  1. Increase image to loyal customers, increase customer satisfaction
  2. Conveying sales messages to many audiences, increasing potential customers.
  3. Bring service Increase sales revenue
  4. In particular, saving a lot of operating costs for businesses.

Above is the information about the contact center that we introduce to you. The use of a contact center is a trend that businesses cannot ignore to improve service quality. Hope the above information helps you. Good luck!

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