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What is a landing page? Difference between Landing page and website 2022

Landing Page design   is a familiar concept you will often hear about in the field of web design or in professional website design services. And even in your daily Internet experience, you will come across a lot of extremely beautiful and attractive Landing Page designs from businesses. So you know what is Landing Page? Why do businesses need it and how to design a beautiful, professional Landing Page that attracts a lot of traffic since its launch?

1. What is a Landing Page?

To put it simply, a landing page is a page with the same content, interface and domain name as a regular website. But it only focuses on a certain content on a single page.

Landing Page La Gi Landing page

What is a landing page? Landing page is also known as a target page and its purpose is to attract clicks, increase views and stimulate customer buying and selling behavior through tasks appearing in the Landing page such as signing up for receipts. information, click to buy, fill out forms… It can be said that this is a tool to help your website rank higher and bring in a large number of customers.

2. Why do you need a landing page?

The main function of a landing page is to convert navigation. The ultimate goal of these pages is to call users to perform specific action conversions. For example: register for a consultation, fill out an information form, buy a product or register for a service experience, ….

Landing Page La Gi 1 Landing page

Simply put, a landing page is created to bring users to a certain action.

Our brains don’t help like computers. The brain only allows us to be able to do one thing at a time. If you focus on one thing in a certain amount of time, you will be more effective. Buying decisions are similar.

Usually, when buying online, the conversion rate on the website is very low, only 1-2%. With the outstanding feature that the page only introduces one product / service, the landing page will help the conversion rate to buy online much higher.

3. What’s special about the landing page interface?

In terms of platform, a landing page is like a regular website: also has a domain name, has content. However, the design of the landing page is relatively simpler. As a page that only introduces products and services, the interface of the landing page does not have a menu bar.

Depending on the specific type of landing page, the landing page interface will change flexibly to achieve the best effect.

4. How many types of landing pages are there?

Depending on the marketing purpose as well as the type of product / service, you should choose the right type of landing page. Usually, landing pages have 3 common types:

Landing Page La Gi 2 Types of Landing Pages

4.1 Landing sales page (another name is Sale page)

This is a landing page created to convince and promote the purchase behavior of users when they view the page.

This form is a subpage inside a website. This page will have a domain name of the form  [TÊN LANDING PAGE].[TÊN WEBSITE].COM or [TÊN WEBSITE].COM/[TÊN LANDING PAGE]

4.2 Landing page collects customer information

This is a landing page created to call for customers to register for events, form consultation information, gifts such as ebooks, …. The result obtained from this landing page is a customer database. Typically email, full name, phone number, customer address. Usually email and phone number are the two most important factors.

You will often see this landing page in the form of an advertising Pop-up frame. Those are usually the windows that open as soon as the user visits the website homepage with a request to enter personal information or provide a promotional code.

4.3 Landing page intermediate conversion

This is a page that only uses a call-to-action button to redirect to another page, not a signup form. The landing page provides full information about the product, leading customers to the shopping cart page of the main website.

This landing page will appear as a Microsite. This is the type of website that has only one page with its own domain name or subdomain. Inside still contains related content and may contain links to the main website.

Simply put, this landing page is a subpage on the main page.

5. The basic process of creating a landing page

To build a landing page, you need to proceed in the following order:

Step 1: Determine the exact goal

Before building a landing page, you need to determine what the purpose of building is, for whom. Each goal will have different content. Eg:

  • Want to generate lead attention?
  • Want to promote a product?
  • Want to increase the number of registered visitors?

Once you have defined your goal, you can choose one of two main types of landing pages, Lead Generation and Click-Through.

For Click-Through Landing page

That is, the Landing page form convinces customers to click on another page. This type of landing page is often used in e-commerce industries to help customers make product purchasing decisions. If you introduce all the information about the product before going to these pages, it will increase the low conversion rate.

So today when users want to access, all information about product value has been fully equipped. That will increase the conversion rate.

Lead Generation Landing page

This type of Landing page is created for the purpose of getting customer data. The purpose is to collect information and based on that so that you have the opportunity to reach and determine if there are potential customers. This page will have a form with detailed descriptions.

There are many ways to get data, you can give them some gifts or incentives to get personal information such as:

  • Register for the contest
  • Consulting service
  • Discount Voucher
  • Free Trial

New product announcement

Remember that the level of privacy and length of the personal information form you want to collect can affect conversion rates. To exploit the maximum market, it is better to minimize information from customers. For example, contact them via Email instead of asking for phone or fax numbers.

Step 2: Build a Landing page

If step 1 will help you know what kind of landing page to build, in this step 2, you will start building each part of the structure of the 7 part Landing page mentioned above.

Who are the participants?

Usually in the construction process, only one person can complete it, but to increase efficiency, you should work together with a few members to create the most optimal landing page.

There are two ways to work together with other members:

Approach media in a straight line

Each member will take on his or her part, and the results they achieve will be passed on to the next person in the order of the plan. Finally, the design will be handed over to the Development department to build the HTML and put it into use.

Cloud-based work

When choosing to work together in the cloud, the team can work together in a time and place. Conversion data will now appear immediately for the team to test and accelerate optimization.

Post-conversion Page (build a post-conversion page)

When building a landing page, people often don’t plan what will happen after a customer visits. This is where the user begins to move on to the next step. The first touch point is the confirmation page and it will increase the chances of successful implementation.

Step 3: Proceed to pull Traffic

You can pull Traffic in a number of ways such as:

  • Paid Advertising: You can use pay-per-click advertising like Google Adwords.
  • Email Marketing: Prepare a list of potential customers to attract them to your Landing page through Email with special programs.
  • Content Marketing : Focus on producing reader-oriented content, entertaining content,  Infographics , writing in the form of blog posts, ebooks…it will help you attract the attention of potential users. From there, direct readers to your relevant landing page.

Step 4: Collect customer information for testing

What is the process of building a landing page? The most important step in this process is the optimization of the landing page from the crawling stage. That way you will know what to check on the landing page you create.

Landing Page La Gi 3 Collect customer information

Step 5: Create a Landing page from the feedback received

When the first version of the landing page is completed, you will build a new landing page based on the feedback received from the previous page. This version tests and compares with the original version to find the most perfect version.

Step 6: Check your landing page

Test the landing page by running the test for at least a week to see the fluctuations in visits each day. Approximately 500 visitors are required to see each variation in the test, and the metrics must be tested regularly in order to adjust accordingly.

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