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What is a Mobile PBX? Should businesses use mobile numbers as Hotlines?

Currently, mobile PBX is being used very much for the customer care system of enterprises. This is considered a solution for businesses looking to solve the problem of cost savings for themselves and their customers.

What is a Mobile PBX?

A mobile number switchboard  or  mobile switchboard  is a solution to  use mobile numbers as a switchboard  for businesses, support sales and customer care, increase the ability to pick up the phone, simplify the operations of employees. members and reduce call charges for businesses.

Who use mobile switchboard?

Businesses want to use mobile numbers as sales and customer care hotlines.

– Enterprises are using mobile numbers for general business purposes for the company.

– The business has a mobile number that is the company’s promotional number.

– Businesses do not want to use other types of Hotline numbers: Fixed numbers, 1800, 1900.

– Enterprises want to save the cost of deploying the switchboard but still bring efficiency.

What are the advantages of mobile PBX?

+ Cost savings, no system investment costs, maintenance costs, operation and maintenance.

+ Take advantage of the existing mobile number of the business, group many mobile numbers and promote with a single number (usually a beautiful, easy to remember number).

+ Improve the chance to pick up the phone, increase the rate of customers calling to the mobile hotline number (due to the low calling fee and the customer mentality that calls to the mobile phone will be connected faster).

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+ Use mobile Hotline number to integrate into popular applications on mobile phones: Viber, Zalo…

+ Connecting via IP phone exchange, allowing to deploy extensions (lines) to receive calls in many ways: listening directly on mobile phones, listening with software (application) on mobile phones listening on the computer (using a Call Center headset), listening with an IP phone…

+ Full features like a normal IP PBX: call recording, call history recording, call detail statistics, report file export, …

What are the disadvantages of mobile PBX?

+ Mobile switchboard numbers are often more personal, so they will be less professional when used as hotline numbers for businesses.

+ Mobile switchboards often face difficulties when they want to scale up.

+ The number of mobile switchboards is often limited in the number of calls as well as when calling out (the solution is that you have to use multiple SIMs to call out).

Should I use my mobile number as a Hotline?

With the advantages that the mobile switchboard brings, it can be easily seen that this service is gradually being applied more widely than the fixed switchboard. Currently, the job characteristics of switchboard staff often change and become flexible, using a mobile phone number as a Hotline helps them to work anytime, anywhere without necessarily being on duty. office. This has significantly improved the ability to interact with customers and partners.

Besides, registering and using a mobile number as a Hotline is also quite simple. Businesses only need to register a common phone number and then add a sim to make an extension. Mobile PBX  will operate not much different from the fixed PBX, but the efficiency and ability to save costs are higher.

Above is the information about what is a mobile switchboard. Hope it can be of help to you.

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