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What is a slogan? The method for you to create a unique brand

What is a slogan ? Why should businesses have a unique and distinctive slogan? This is the marketing slogan that helps customers remember your products/services longer. If you want to make a difference, learn how to create an unmatched slogan. We will explain more about this.

1. What is the slogan?

Slogan:  Motto – A short and prominent or memorable phrase used in an advertisement. Each brand will often be associated with a slogan, through which, customers can immediately remember the products/services of which company or business.

Slogan La Gi Phuong Phap Tao Slogan Concept of Slogan

The characteristic of a slogan is to cover the outstanding product/service image of that brand. Or is it the direction of the company’s development. To make an impression, the slogan must be unique. Often, people will apply pun methods such as alliteration, metaphorical words, etc. The more unique the slogan, the more distinctive it is for your brand.

2. What are the benefits of using slogans for businesses?

Owning quality slogans brings many benefits to your business in the battle in the marketplace.

Slogan La Gi Phuong Phap Tao Slogan 1 Benefits Slogan brings to businesses

2.1 Clearly show the position of enterprises in the market

A slogan also partly shows the position of businesses and shows the difference. Every time they hear a certain slogan, customers can identify which brand or business that day belongs to. But most importantly, the slogan associated with product/service quality is what customers remember the most.

2.2 Going into the listener’s subconscious

What are the benefits of slogans? Ads appearing many times with slogans associated with product/service images will gradually enter the subconscious of viewers. Ads that appear 1 or 2 times can be skipped by listeners. But if that slogan appears every day, especially the easy-to-remember slogans make listeners remember them longer.

2.3 Expressing the core value of each business

Each unique slogan also clearly shows the core value of each business. Especially with well-known leading brands, quality slogans contribute to declaring their values ​​and position.

Slogans are also a way to connect and attract customers to your business if used correctly.

3. What should be noted in order to create a unique slogan?

It is not easy to create a slogan that really makes an impression from the first reading. The basic principles every business needs to understand if they want to create unique slogans.

Slogan La Gi Phuong Phap Tao Slogan 2 Notes you need to know when creating a Slogan

3.1. Aim towards

Create a slogan you want to aim for? The slogan shows the image of a new product/service or shows the image of the whole business. The corporate slogan needs to be more comprehensive, but concise, but needs to show a lot of meaning. The slogan also needs to target the key customer groups the business wants to target.

3.2 Short and concise

Shorter slogans are easier to remember than long ones. But not only need a brief element, the slogan needs more emotion to hit the reader’s mind. If that slogan has a connection with great meanings, it makes it easier for readers to remember every time they read it. And want customers to remember your brand, the slogan should include the brand name.

3.3 Unique language, not offensive

The choice of words and words in a slogan is also really important. Agree that the more impressive the words, the better the effect, but should not abuse the words that are easily misunderstood, offensive or offensive to readers, to other brands. Language that is easy to understand, concise, expressing the meaning of the brand’s products is the most important requirement.

3.4 Emphasis on product benefits

In order for customers to choose your product/service, the slogan must clearly show the benefits of the product and the quality of the product. Especially product benefits associated with the brand. Just mentioning can immediately remind the brand of that product.

3.5 Show the difference

Show off your brand’s competitive edge from the competition. Show the values ​​you create that not every brand can do.

These are the basic things to keep in mind when creating an unmatched and impressive slogan. Through the above information, everyone already understands what a slogan is and what benefits it brings.

Let’s refer to a few quality slogans from famous brands today:

– Nike’s slogan: Just Do It.

– Kit Kat’s slogan: Have a break – Have a Kit Kat. The highlight of this slogan is that the word “break” means both resting time and breaking the Kitkat bar to eat.

– KFC’s slogan: Finger lickin’ good – delicious taste on each finger. Slogan showing the great taste of delicious food from KFC.

There are still many creative slogans coming from famous brands. Let’s create impressive slogans for yourself.

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