What is a virtual PBX? Benefits that virtual PBX brings

With the strong development of technology, the virtual PBX system was born, giving businesses many benefits when it saves costs and brings a lot of convenience during use. So what is a virtual PBX? What are the benefits of a virtual PBX for businesses? Let’s find out in the article below.

1. What is a virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX is a phone service that uses the internet on an IP network instead of using a phone line pulled from the post office as usual. With a virtual PBX service, is a business phone system hosted entirely on servers in off-site data centers and delivered over the internet. A virtual PBX can offer more features than even a traditional PBX phone system, while allowing non-technical administrators to easily set everything up.

Tong Dai Ao La Gi Loi Ich Cua Tong Dai Ao The concept of virtual PBX

Enterprises using virtual PBX service can use on:

  • IP phone
  • On the computer
  • On Smartphone

2. Benefits of virtual PBX

2.1 Low cost

When using a traditional virtual PBX, you need to pay for the installation and maintenance of the landline and the local hardware to connect to the dedicated phone network. Meanwhile, the application of a virtual PBX system will be less expensive. The reason is that all operations such as installation, maintenance or storage are at the discretion of the supplier.

Tong Dai Ao La Gi Loi Ich Cua Tong Dai Ao 1 Helping businesses save costs

2.2 Scalable

The outstanding advantage of virtual PBX is easy setup, independent of hardware. Therefore, they are very suitable for businesses that need to expand branches and offices. Besides, the expansion process is also extremely simple. Users only need to notify the supplier about the need to expand and equip the network infrastructure, the listening device can be expanded quickly.

2.3 Phone-friendly

With the rapid development of technology, most users are turning to mobile devices. These devices are compact and convenient to carry. Therefore, vendors have developed applications via smartphones. These applications work strongly on two popular platforms, iOS and Android.

Since the system is IP-based, users can easily use IP phones, landlines or headsets attached to the computer.

2.4 Easy integration

Virtual PBXs work based on IP addresses so they are easy to connect to external applications. Such as customer care software, voice interaction tools, sales software, accounting software, etc.

2.5 Fast forward

Call forwarding is now easier. The reason is that the virtual PBX uses IP addresses to route calls. Users only need to prepare a headset and a phone connected to the network to be able to forward calls easily.

With this benefit, users will be less likely to encounter downtime or problems that cause system downtime.

2.6 Effective online management

The service provider allows users to self-manage online. This is a digital interface on the website. As a result, you can manage all your calls and different virtual PBX accounts easily. Besides, you can quickly self-support customers through the online interface.

2.7 Flexible automation

The phrase “virtual reception” has become commonplace among many businesses. This is the “automatic attendant” feature of the virtual switchboard. All calls to customers are always handled professionally. In addition, calls will be recorded and forwarded to the appropriate staff and departments.

Besides, the auto attendant can handle multiple calls at the same time. In particular, the call signal of the virtual switchboard is never busy. Thus, businesses can ensure that they do not miss any customer calls.

2.8 Keep your hardware up to date

When using a modern virtual PBX, you never encounter outdated hardware that needs constant upgrades. Professional PBX service providers always bring users state-of-the-art technology and products with the best updated versions.

Building a virtual PBX system is an effective solution to make your business more prestigious and professional. Through the above article, Tino Group hopes that you will have a new look at the virtual switchboard.

3. Conclusion

Above is the entire concept and benefits of virtual PBX that we want to share. Hope the above information will help you in your work, good luck!

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