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What is a VoIP number? Find out detailed information about VoIP numbers that businesses should know

Cloud-based VoIP technology allows you to call from anywhere using a mobile phone, computer, laptop or VoIP number phone using only one VoIP phone number. So what is a VoIP number? Is there convenient way to use this number? Let us understand right in the following article!

1. What is a VoIP number?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone number is the number assigned to you when you sign up for a VoIP service. It’s basically the sequence of numbers you type on the dial pad to make calls, just like a traditional landline phone. But unlike its older counterpart, a VoIP phone number can be used to call from any internet enabled device i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. smartphones and of course, VoIP phones.

What's Wrong With You? The concept of VoIP number

VoIP phones do not require much technical knowledge or methods. Most of them are basically plug-and-play tools where you can simply plug your IP phone into an available local area network (LAN) port and the device will register itself on the network. VoIP. From there, you can use your VoIP number like a regular phone number.

2. Difference between VoIP number and traditional phone number

The first difference that should be mentioned right away is that VoIP works by making calls over the internet. Unlike traditional phone service, where calls must be routed censoredly through certain phone carriers (  PSTN – public switched telephone network), VoIP phone service uses any connection Which broadband? With this know -how , VoIP routes calls along the most efficient path.

How To Find Out The Voip Differences between VoIP and traditional numbers

VoIP services with the ability to call any number, including local , long-distance or even extension numbers.

In addition, VoIP differs from traditional phone systems in location flexibility. Instead of being assigned a specific location, you can take your VoIP number with you if you move to a new office address.

In addition, VoIP number distribution gives you the flexibility of equipment. You can make or receive calls on IP Phones as usual, even with Softphone installed on Smartphone, laptop, tablet… allowing users to make or receive calls while they are on the go. Users can even switch devices during a call , switch from hardphone to softphone without interruption at any time .

3. Why should businesses choose a VoIP number?

VoIP phone systems offer a number of advantages that conventional phone services cannot provide. Here are the reasons why businesses should choose their VoIP number:

How To Make Voip Reasons why businesses should choose a VoIP number

3.1 Cost savings

No need to use a phone line, VoIP numbers use an internet connection. Even with monthly service, costs are lower than maintaining a traditional cellular system.

Enterprises can also upgrade advanced features in the virtual PBX system to use VoIP numbers such as recording, call queuing, smart call forwarding, IVR construction, etc., with minimal costs. much better than the traditional PBX system.

3.2 More accessible

VoIP phone systems do not rely on physical location to make calls. Its convenience comes from a stable internet connection. This makes communication possible across the country.

Besides, VoIP doesn’t use much bandwidth. Even a modest 10MB connection can handle 100 concurrent calls.

3.3 More flexible

VoIP networks have a lot of flexibility. When using the legacy phone network, adding more phones to the system is often limited. With a VoIP network, you are only limited by your bandwidth, which allows you to handle hundreds of calls using many popular broadband plans.

3.4 More devices

Another reason VoIP phones are versatile is their ability to work with any device. You can make or receive calls on IP Phones as usual, even with Softphone installed on Smartphone, laptop, tablet…

How To Make Voip La Gi Tieu Thong Tin Chi Tiet Ve Dau So Voip 3 Various devices

3.5 High voice quality

With a stable internet connection and high bandwidth, voice quality will be better than a traditional phone connection.

VoIP uses the best audio compression technology called “codec” to convert digital audio, remove blur and static in the transmission and send it over the internet. The G.722 codec has twice the bandwidth of an analog phone call, meaning every call is clearer. This is how VoIP delivers HD call quality.

3.6 Easier to move the number head

In the past, if you moved house, the phone company would call to update the new number at the new location. Most require a service technician to come in to set up a new phone.

VoIP numbers are a perfect alternative to PSTN numbers. You can carry your VoIP phone number with you everywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection you can use it.

3.7 Free internal calls

Free internal calls between departments, branches, offices are no longer just for large businesses. Small and medium businesses can now receive free calls using VoIP numbers even though the locations are far apart.

4. Conclusion

Above is all the information about VoIP numbers that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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